Step 1: Check Your Appearance

My 600-hour adventure learning to apply makeup, excavate pores, and wax, um, everything. Learn more about the project, or catch up with Orientation.

This is a Wakeup Call Mirror

From the “Graduation Requirements” workbook, which Barb says we should carry with us at all times:

When you’re made aware that a client is here you must:

1. Check your appearance.

2. Go out to the waiting area to greet your client.

Barb says hair and makeup should be done before we get to school. “If you don’t wear makeup, that’s okay as long as you don’t look like you just woke up, or really bad like you just left a bar or something.”

Most days, I don’t wear makeup. Just saying.

[Photo Credit: “Girl Looking In A Mirror” by This is a Wake Up Call/Lee Summers via Flickr.]



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4 responses to “Step 1: Check Your Appearance

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  3. Megan

    Virginia, I’ve been wondering about this since I started reading your blog (as someone who toys with the idea of beauty school from time to time): why did you decide to go for it? You are refreshingly critical of your curriculum and the role of the beauty industry in society, and yet here you are. How did this come to pass for you?

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