Class Participation

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Milady's Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians

The lecture portion of class is spent reading from a PowerPoint presentation loaded above us on a flat screen monitor. We go around the room, taking turns to read aloud until Miss Jenny moves to the next person. There are six of us:

Blanche, who says she always loved makeup but never learned much about it because she was such a tomboy.

Meg, who tells me “I grew up here and never left,” at break. She has a toddler and is getting a divorce.

Stephanie, who is a high school teacher and hosts cosmetics parties on the side.

Sue, who sells Mary Kay and says she loves to make people feel beautiful.

Tasha, who sells Arbonne. She’s getting ready to take her state board exam in a few weeks and just sitting in on our class for a refresher.

And me. I’m pretty sure that I’m the youngest.

Half the class struggle with phrasing and pronunciation as they read.

A lot.

I like that Miss Jenny is patient about repeating a phrase (“tertiary colors” or “assessing a client”) until they get it, but I wonder if they do.

[photo credit: Delmar Cengage Learning, Milady’s parent company]


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