Even. More. Nail. Art.

Abby Walton Nail Art #1 Abby Walton Nail Art 4

Abby Walton Nail Art 4Abby Walton Nail Art 2

Just a quick one to say that Molly’s show is still going on at Capricious Space through the weekend.

AND, tomorrow, they’re kicking it up a notch with NAIL SALON: Nails by Abby Walton from 1 to 6 PM. You can email Abby for an appointment (abbywalton [at] yahoo [dot] com) or call Capricious Space at 917.438.7015.

Amazing nail art above from Abby’s Flickr Set. I mean. That girl has got mad talent. I bet she could even do this disco ball awesomeness, if you bring your own diamond rhinestones:

Katy Perry Disco Diamond Manicure

Which is Katy Perry’s current manicure, according to The Cut. (Because I know you were wondering.)

PS. Even More Molly in this Q&A over on Vice.



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2 responses to “Even. More. Nail. Art.

  1. Amy

    Oh, these remind me of these little stickers I had for my nails as a kid. I would really enjoy wearing them now, even though they would be a totally low-brow version of the work above. Might need to see if I can find me some…

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