[Extra Credit] Barbie Chased by Giant Sandwich.

Extra Credit: Conversations about books, movies and other beauty industry buzz.

Thank you, Salon, for this amazingness. And Care Bears on Fire are not a moment too soon, because Barbie just opened her first flagship store earlier this year. In Shanghai. Obviously.

That’s on top of the 30+ Barbie Couture stores that are now scattered across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, offering “glamorous fashions and accessories for adult women.”

This new song also makes me feel so much better about Mattel re-recording Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”.

Example of a line they kept: “Life in plastic…it’s fantastic!” Irony being dead and what not.

[Photo Credit: CNN]



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4 responses to “[Extra Credit] Barbie Chased by Giant Sandwich.

  1. Chandler

    Oh. My. God. Those Barbie outfits are completely terrifying.

  2. This video is AMAZING. Love CBOF more now.

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