Jolie Goes Green?

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If beauty blogging was high school, Nadine Jolie would pretty much be our head cheerleader and student council president rolled into one. She’s the author of Confessions of a Beauty Addict and Beauty Confidential, all-star blogger, and now co-founder of her own skin line, JolieMD — and she still has time to always look fantastic in every picture you’ll find.

So if you want product reviews, Nadine is your go-to girl — she’s even road-testing Latisse right now, on the premise that “if anybody’s eyes are going to change color and then fall out, it should be mine, not yours, right?” I mean. Girl’s got guts. (Y’all remember how I freaked out over eyelash extensions, right?)

And, Nadine is probably single-handedly responsible for educating the wider world about the shameless swag-hogging and advertiser-courting rituals of magazine beauty editors, so again, guts. And honesty. We like her. But on the chemical front, she tends to be a little more… laid-back. So I was very intrigued to see this on her blog today:

I long ago accepted that chemicals in my beauty products were probably going to get the best of me – sure, natural products are nice, but isn’t the chemically, tough, super-duty effective stuff just so much better?!  My new London Correspondent Katherine McKenney disagrees with me, and has been passionately educating me about natural and organic beauty these past few weeks.  She will be writing a series here on Jolie about natural beauty and also poking around London for the best beauty finds.  Enjoy!

And then lovely Katherine has so much to tell you about the best organic shampoos. I mean, even if Nadine is still Latisse-ing it up (it’s a free country, though I really hope her eyelids don’t change color), it’s nice to see her mixing it up with the green perspective as well. It’s like when the alpha girl finally gives Michael Cera the time of day because hello, he’s been adorable all along. Michael Cera representing the green movement in that metaphor. Of course.



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3 responses to “Jolie Goes Green?

  1. Chandler

    She’d heard stories about Latisse “making gals’ lashes grow so long that they had to start cutting them” and she still decided to try it?? She’s a braver woman than me…

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