Pretty Price Check. (12.04.09)

The Pretty Price Check: The Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

  • No, your razor does not need to be pink to work on your legs. But Consumer Reports research shows that drugstore products aimed at women cost 50 percent more than equal-but-cheaper goods marketed for men. (Via Bitch.)
  • That New Baby Smell shouldn’t be due to the fact that a new Environmental Working Group study found fragrance chemicals (and over 200 other synthetics like Bisphenol-A and flame retardant) in the cord blood of minority newborns.
  • Primer road-test over at Double X concludes that yes, you do need something between you and your foundation. You know. If you want to wear foundation.
  • The Tokyo Nail Show is completely insane, via Beauty Counter. Goodness, I do enjoy nail art. And looking is free.
  • In other beauty pageant news, a former Miss Argentina died last Sunday due to complications following butt implant surgery. (Via: The Punch.)
  • And we’ve still got nothing on women in Iran, where makeup is illegal. (Along with most other personal freedoms.)

PS. Best Day! You can also follow me on Twitter now, where I’ll be checking the price of pretty all week long.

[Photo: Psychology Today]


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One response to “Pretty Price Check. (12.04.09)

  1. Caroline

    Rock on, Argentina. Rock on.

    Actually, we were just talking the other day in my class on cultural questions in the US and Argentina about how people here, and especially women, are even more obsessed with “la mirada externa” (the way other people see them) than your average westerner. Plastic surgery is heavily prevalent and while health care is free, you can pay for a plan that covers cosmetic improvements. People wear leather jackets in the subway. In summer. And you have not experienced heat until you have experience the mashed up sardine oven that is the Subte at 6pm in January. Interesting cross-cultural tidbits… I wonder in which hemisphere the price of pretty is higher. Probably have more money to spend in the US, and even more to spend it on, but then there are dying argentine beauty queens…

    Absolutely loving the direction in which you’re taking the blog… the posts about your relationships with the other women in your class, and how the work you do together relates to it and relates to client relationships as well, is fascinating and I think you’re handling complicated topics that aren’t often talked about very well.

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