Pretty Price Check (12.11.09)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

  • Twelve Hour Work Days (and sometimes, as little as $8/day in take-home pay) are the price for Romanian immigrants selling department store cosmetics in the UK.
  • A Tax on Tanning is under discussion in the Senate. As in at salons, not from the sun. PS. Hey, BellaSugar, were we really only just “suspecting” that tanning was bad for us before the WHO said so this past July? You weren’t sure about that already?
  • Cost Unclear: I would have preferred Burt’s Bees to answer the provocative questions it poses in its new series of art installations/advertisements (like this lotion-filled torso that wants to know how many liters of body lotion we’ll absorb during our lifetime). As is, it looks a bit like fear-mongering to move product. Which we frown upon, here on Beauty Schooled.

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