Saving My Money


No dice.


The Beauty U student population remains mixed on whether we want to sign up for Scott’s Beauty Business Sense, even after Mr. G’s infomercial and Simon Scott’s six-figure promises. Of course, I’m curious about what we’ll learn in the program, and I applaud Mr. G’s attempts to upgrade his curriculum and stay cutting edge. He’s got 200 students to help employ, after all. But changing horses mid-semester is an awkward business — and a shade too bait-and-switch for my taste.

More to the point, a couple of the women in my class have confided that they just can’t afford the $100 tuition increase right now. Most are here on loans or other forms of financial aid that won’t cover this gap and they’re worried if everyone signs up, they’ll feel peer pressure to do the same.

I’m not sure about Simon, but I got into this project to help beauty workers, not help rip them off. So, solidarity, sisters. Until it works for everyone to participate, we’ll just say no together.

PS. Sorry for the super short post today. I was traveling over the weekend and short on blog time. But I’ll be tweeting extra bits and pieces throughout the day (make sure you’re following me on Twitter @beauty_schooled!) and have loads of good stuff coming this week too.



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2 responses to “Saving My Money

  1. Mary Alice

    I’m glad to see your beauty U blog is going so well. I say stand by the other women who are struggling to pay their bills. It’s the kind of solidarity that makes your beauty U experience more universally palpable and believable (because I’m still struggling to imagine my once-squimish cousin popping someone else’s milia.) So my big question is: where is a the magical list of the “wrong” beauty products? (And how will I explain if I’m supposed to buy all new make-up to my hard-working husband?! 🙂 )

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