A Different Kind of Pageant


Oh my goodness.

Remember how we got all worked up about beauty pageants because of the disturbing baby beauty pageant contestants with their flipper teeth and taxidermied smiles?

Then, do you remember how I followed that up with news about the Miss Trans Indian Beauty Pageant — which seems like an amazing celebration, yet still worried me because pageants, at their base, are about turning women into objects manufactured to meet artificial standards of beauty?

AND, do you remember the fabulous Molly Surno, who shot the amazing “Smallest Canvas” series on Brooklyn nail salons?


Upon hearing about the Miss Trans Indian Pageant on this here blog, Miss Molly took herself off to Arizona to shoot it last week. Above is a teaser shot from her blog.

I wait with breath that is bated for more.


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Filed under beauty standards, Happenings, week 7

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