Pretty Price Check (12.21.09)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday (only now it’s Monday) round-up of how much we paid for beauty this (last) week.

You can join the good fight here. Oh and speaking of Photoshop, what did they do to poor Carrie Underwood over here?

  • $25 to $120 is what you’re paying per eyebrow wax, says the NYT. And you are paying it, because not plucking is no longer an option (remember American Apparel‘s feelings on that?) and over-plucking is a crime so heinous that 3,484 corrective eyebrow transplants were performed in 2008 (up from 2,544 in 2004). Thanks to Jezebel for pointing out that we’ve lost the plot here.
  • The Italian government is considering making boob jobs illegal for anyone under 18. For the record, we have no such law in the USA, though the FDA says saline implants are only approved for use in ages 18 and up due to the fact that your breasts can actually keep on growing into your 20s.
  • From the department of two steps forward, one step back: Those neon high-waisted leggings (and the rest of their inventory) were 80% off at American Apparel factory stores this weekend, because even while Dov Charney is busy doling out the grooming tips, he’s donating all of Saturday’s proceeds to his 1600 immigrant workers who were forced out of their jobs in ICE raids this fall. Oh, plus he just added a line of nail polish, that’s free of phthalates, formaldehyde and toluene. See why I’m conflicted?

Happy Monday!



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