Pretty Price Check. (01.08.10)

Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty last week.

  • $2.2 billion: The amount we’ll be spending by 2013 on foods and drinks — like this collagen coffee, above — that promise to enhance our beauty, according to this New York Times story. “If you’re drinking Nescafé, you better hope it’s doing something for your skin, because that shit is nas-tay,” says Tracy Clark-Flory over on Broadsheet. We like her.
  • $4.95: The cover price of New You, the new magazine of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, launching this month with, I know you’ll be shocked to learn, a pretty pro-cosmetic surgery agenda. “I can’t help but think that this magazine will create insecurities where none existed before,” says BellaSugar. Yup. We like her too.
  • 53,000: The number of products that Environmental Working Group now evaluates for safety in their Skin Deep database. A helpful explanation of their protocol is up on Enviroblog today.
  • $280-525: What you’ll pay for services at Lashtique, according to this review on Beauty Blogging Junkie, who nevertheless tries to claim lash extensions are a Marxist fashion statement by making “glammunism” happen. They aren’t and it isn’t.
  • 5000: The number of clients that dating site kicked out for gaining weight. Okay, I think that one speaks for itself. (Via Broadsheet.)
  • $500,000: What CoverGirl donated to give 50 million gallons of purified water to needy areas through their new partnership with Children’s Safe Drinking Water. I think I’m supposed to say something nice about “Clean Makeup Clean Water” here, but Queen Latifah did it for me. (Via JolieNadine.)

PS. Much love to Gender Across Borders, for including me in the 11th Carnival of Feminists round-up. There are some awesome feminist bloggers in the mix, so scamper on over and check that business out!

[Photo: NYT]


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