Pretty Price Check (01.15.10)

Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty last week.

  • 10: The number of plastic surgery operations that reality TV star Heidi Montag had in a single day, according to her “Addicted to Plastic Surgery” interview with People Magazine. Um, you think? (Via DoubleX.)
  • 20: The number of garbage bags full of sliced up unsold clothing spotted outside a Manhattan H&M store on a typical night. The store makes unsold merchandise unwearable before trashing them, to prevent them flooding thrift stores at even cheaper prices. (Via New York Times.)

PS. I don’t want to get all preachy and say “for the price of a lip gloss you can help save lives,” but, you know, you could do that. So just in case you haven’t donated yet and are looking for the right cause, The Nation has a comprehensive list of worthy organizations on the ground in Haiti who could use your help, plus a link where you can urge the White House to do more already.

And lest you think international tragedies aren’t on the beauty community’s radar, Teen Vogue beauty director Eva Chen is organizing a clothing drive, which is a nice way to help if extra cash (for lipstick or life saving) just isn’t in your budget right now. Let’s hope H&M gets that memo.


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One response to “Pretty Price Check (01.15.10)

  1. I think I read somewhere this past week that H&M said they would stop that practice, and that some group was trying to encourage them to donate the clothes to organizations trying to help people who have suffered losses due to fires, etc. (I’m sure earthquakes would fall into that category.)

    The Creme de la Mer stat is pretty amazing. I’m not that surprised, but seeing the actual dollar amounts was jarring!

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