[Glossed Over] More Forbidden Food Beauty Products.

Have I not made myself clear on this subject?

Because the trend of beauty products packaged to resemble junk food is still going strong, according Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog, which is breathlessly heralding the forthcoming launch of Cake Beauty on Sephora.com. The products are named things like Satin Sugar and Deserted Island, and bear the not-at-all-condescending tagline “You Deserve This.”

Let’s go over this one more time then: Cake is for eating. Not for wearing on your face. And especially not for telling yourself you’re not allowed to eat it, but smelling the plastic beauty product version of it is just as satisfying. Because it is not.

So please, have your cake and… you know the rest.




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4 responses to “[Glossed Over] More Forbidden Food Beauty Products.

  1. anne schreiber


    Timing is everything!!! I was just in Sephora today and saw a product line called “FatGirl” something.
    I couldn’t believe it—seriously, would a skinny girl use something called “FatGirl” and would a fat girl actually use a product called “FatGirl”???


  2. Oh my GOD, you are right. Sephora is selling Bliss Spa’s Fat Girl body treatments: Fat Girl Slim, Fat Girl Sleep, and Fat Girl Scrub.


    I’d be (possibly) okay with it if they were trying to use “fat girl” in a positive way. But, no, all of these products are designed to fight cellulite and make you look slimmer, thanks to heavy doses of caffeine. So the goal is to improve your (already perfectly fine) body and insult you at the same time? Awesome.

  3. Melissa

    If you ask me, there’s something very sick about marketing beauty products that smell like fattening food to women who, if they’re adhering to the “rules,” are supposed to be perpetually on a diet. ‘Cause it’s not like cake-scented body lotion will make you want cake you can actually taste or anything. But then you can’t HAVE that cake, and it all turns into a lovely, frustrating, masochistic cycle.

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