[Beauty Overheard] Brazilian Time.

When you’re giving a client a facial behind one curtain, but you can still hear everything that’s happening behind all the other curtains,* here’s a conversation you don’t want to overhear:

Beauty U Student #1: Why are you on all fours?

Beauty U Student #2: That’s how they did it on the video!

Miss Jenny (sticking her head behind their curtain): What’s going on? Why is she kneeling like that?

Beauty U Student #2: Is this going to hurt?

Miss Jenny: The skin back there is much less sensitive than you’d think. You won’t feel a thing.



Beauty U Student #1 (hushed tones): Oh my God, what is that?

Miss Jenny: Someone get me the tea tree oil…You really shouldn’t be picking at that.

I’m sorry, dear readers, to ruin any illusions you might have had, but there is just nothing pretty about learning to wax, Brazilian-style.

*The Beauty U spa isn’t big enough to have separate treatment rooms, so we work in little curtained areas, sort of like a hospital ER, but with a “Music of the Rainforest” soundtrack.



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7 responses to “[Beauty Overheard] Brazilian Time.

  1. anne schreiber

    ewwwww! That’s settles it…..I’ve decided I’m definately NOT going to Beauty School!

  2. Wait. Are you going to have to learn how to do Brazilians??

  3. KNB

    i just snorted coffee out of my nose. As someone who has gone to a student for a Brazilian because of the “savings”, I can say with assurance that Brazilians should not be the place where you skimp.
    Spend the money. Just…trust me.

  4. Meghan

    That was terrifying to read.

    That said, I hope that we have now reached the “Brazilian portion” of your time and that there will be many more stories to come.

  5. I’m mortified. But ready for stories.

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