Pretty Price Check (02.19.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty last week.

  • $55-58: How much you’ll pay for the new Spanx for Men undergarments line. Dudes, read Broadsheet’s helpful tips on navigating shapewear before you buy, so the extra ten minutes you’ll need getting them off to go to the bathroom don’t take you by surprise.
  • 175,000 New Yorkers are employed in the fashion industry, making clothes and selling them in stores. Bet most of them make a lot less than the 50 deemed “most fascinating” by the New York Daily News. Breaking news — Anna Wintour at #1. Are we still fascinated by her, or can we admit to phoning it in yet?
  • 4: The dress size of model Coco Rocha, who is out of runway work this season because the designers claim she can’t fit into their clothes. But kudos to DoubleX’s Jessica Grose for pointing out that Tyra’s so-called success stories aside, the exploitation of models goes way beyond the weight debate.
  • 25 pounds lost in eight weeks is how fast Playmate Kendra Wilkinson claims to have reclaimed her body (without dieting, duh!) post-pregnancy, for this entirely unrealistic OK! Magazine cover. As my new-mom-friend K. puts it, “This kind of crap makes postpartum women feel like dog poo.”

[Photo via Jezebel.]


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