Pretty Price Check (03.05.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday roundup of how much we paid for beauty last week.

Photo from Wall Street Journal story on Mascara Fanatics and volume seekers

  • 30 years: How long 44-year-old Janet Garaguso has been using a safety pin to de-clump her mascara every morning, as pictured above, via this Wall Street Journal article on extreme eyelash junkie consumers. They’re known in the biz as “volume seekers,” which seems to be industry-speak for “people with dollar signs stamped on their foreheads.” Remember when I tried to learn to apply eyelash extensions and nearly blinded a girl? Is anyone else troubled by how this trend is making us obsess over perfecting even the teeny-tiniest parts of ourselves?
  • $1100: What you’ll pay to have blood injected into your face via a new technique called the Selphyl System. Yes, blood. (Your own.) It’s the vampire craze meets Botox. The benefits are debatable (surely, no?!) — check out these before/after pics on BellaSugar. To me, “after” just looks like it was taken with a more zoomed-in camera.
  • 81 percent: How many of us go to bed without washing off our makeup at least once a week, according to this Telegraph story. Because we’re, you know, human. This is the kind of factoid that Beauty U folks (and Big Beauty in general) love to toss around, mostly to emphasize how dumb consumers are (and thus, how desperately in need of our guidance/services/retail products). It distracts nicely from other health problems with beauty products/services (hello, you can inject blood into your face now! not to mention the scads of toxic chemicals in oh, everything) and it makes me tired.
  • HB 1248: And speaking of toxic chemicals… this was the bill number for the Colorado Safe Personal Care Products Act, which died in committee this week. Which I’m bummed about because state legislation like this is an important first step towards getting more regulation in general regarding what the beauty industry can and can’t put into their products. (At the moment, there is no law that requires pre-market safety testing for cosmetics and the FDA can only take action against suspicious chemicals once people start getting sick.) I managed to help tip off a pretty interesting debate on why the bill died raging at Not Just A Pretty Face — go join the fray!

[Photo by Bryan Derballa for the Wall Street Journal.]



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3 responses to “Pretty Price Check (03.05.10)

  1. Marian

    It is almost enough to make me start a campaign to increase the number to 100% of us don’t wash off make up before we go to bed. The hypocrisy gets just to much.

  2. The only problem with that theory is considering what’s actually IN most of your cosmetics… washing it off every night probably is a good idea. Just not for the reasons that the industry likes to play up! (Though no promises on what’s going to be in your face wash!)

  3. KNB

    can we all just agree that that picture is EFFING TERRIFYING. i will admit that i have done that myself, in a pinch…BUT GOD. never again. it just set my teeth on edge!

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