Pretty Price Check (03.12.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday roundup of how much we paid for beauty last week.

Wal-Mart prices black Barbie less than white Barbie photo

  • $3: Wal-Mart’s sale price on black Barbies, versus the $5.93 they charge for white Barbies. (Of course, both are a damn sight cheaper than the $74.98 Mad Men Barbies we talked about earlier this week). Wow, someone was asleep at the wheel on that one. (Great analysis over on Sociological Images.)
  • $500: How much some New Jersey women paid for black market butt injections — that turned out to contain mostly bathroom caulk. Figure does not include subsequent hospital bills. Please folks. If you’re going to inject stuff in your butt, spring for a board-certified plastic surgeon. This one is just too depressing on just too many levels. (Meanwhile BellaSugar notes that cosmetic surgery business was down by a whopping 2 percent last year. Assume black market procedures don’t factor in to that count.)
  • $13,000: What you’ll spend on cosmetics over the course of your lifetime, according to a new poll by UK retail chain Superdrug. (Also via BellaSugar where the commenters are trying to do their own tallies… with some pretty interesting results.)
  • 54: The percent of women who would “rather be hit by a truck than be fat,” says a University of Virginia online poll. Confidential to Glamour: Don’t get lazy now. We’ve got a lot more work to do.

[Photo via Sociological Images]



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2 responses to “Pretty Price Check (03.12.10)

  1. Katherine Nolan Brown

    oh, i LOVE that the writer is now using the term “so-called PLUS sized” like it was some other industry that deemed that any woman over a size twelve needed a different category…that they couldn’t all just be women.

  2. Caroline

    Didn’t you read in the New York Times Friday? Breasts are back! Yes, they left the planet all together when designers decided clothes hung better without them, and now they have returned. It’s ok for you to have a body again! (as long as you’re a curvaceous size 2. maybe a 4.)

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