Join Beauty Schooled for the Next Feminist Carnival: Beauty Edition! [Deadline March 29]

Carnival Action Photo by Shannon Taylor (catching up again)

I’m so excited to announce that Beauty Schooled will be hosting Feminist Carnival No. 16: Beauty Edition on Wednesday, March 31.

As you might recall, I participated in Feminist Carnival No. 11 over at Gender Across Borders back in January. It was so much fun that I decided to get in on the hosting action myself. In case you’re new to the whole concept: A blog carnival is kind of like a link roundup on steroids. It’s a chance to feature some of the best (and often otherwise undiscovered) feminist thinking and writing going on right now in the blogosphere, all in one place. (And then we all link, Twitter, and comment like crazy so chaos and merriment ensues! Sequined masks and fried dough consumption optional.)

The theme of this carnival will be — wait for it! — Beauty.

Twist, I know. But I’m leaving that deliberately vague so y’all can just run wild. Beauty products? Beauty standards? Body image? Skinny supermodels? Beauty in art, films, music? Being beautiful on your wedding day? Being beautiful on any old regular day? Barbie? (Can we ever say enough about Barbie?) Beauty advertising? Standing up for beauty? Sitting down for beauty? Whatever your feminist take is on any of the above (or beauty-anything else that I didn’t think of yet!) I’d love to read about it.

The only criteria: Your post must run on your blog between now and March 31 (Carnival Day!) and you must get your submission in by March 29 (so I have time to pick entries and put the whole thing together). One post per blogger, though if your blog has multiple authors, everyone can submit something.

Read more about the Feminist Carnival here and then go submit your post here.*

(And quick, go tell all your feminist blogging friends to do the same!)

*If that form gives you guff, just email your submission to me directly on beautyschooledproject [at] gmail [dot] com.

PS. I’m using the term “feminist” super broadly here, so don’t get hung up. If you believe in equal rights for people regardless of gender, hooray, you’re a feminist! And if your post about beauty reflects that, then hooray, you should submit it!

[Photo by Shannon Taylor via Flickr.]



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