Pretty Price Check (04.02.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday roundup of what we paid for beauty this week.

Photo of Andrea Jung.

Avon CEO Andrea Jung can buy as many ponies as she wants.

  • $7.1 million: How much Avon CEO Andrea Jung earned in 2009. It’s down 64 percent from 2008, when, apparently, she was paid all the money in the whole world. (Via Google News.)
  • $100: The average weekly pay of your local Mary Kay or Avon lady. (Via ABCNews.)
  • 19: The age of UK hair stylist Jenny Mitchell, who died March 9th when she lit a cigarette while driving, and it caused a bottle of hair dye (containing hydrogen peroxide) to explode, engulfing her car in flames. Horrendous is really the only word I’ve got for that. (Via The Guardian.)
  • $1.8 billion: How much the state of Michigan expects to bring in each year if they add a proposed “haircut tax.” (Via BellaSugar.)

[Photo: Avon.]


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