[Beauty Overheard] Jane Fonda is Not Proud of Her Plastic Surgery.

Photo of Jane Fonda blogging in the bathtub.

Via Jezebel (click here for video if you can bear Larry King’s inane interviewing style):

Last night, Jane Fonda appeared on Larry King Live to plug the launch of World Fitness Day. Fonda, 72, admitted she “caved” after swearing off plastic surgery in 2000, saying, “If I was really brave, I would’ve not.” Fonda said she didn’t want to lie about it, and though she doesn’t feel proud about going back on her vow, she said it’s her prerogative, and that she wants to look on the outside how she feels on the inside (she purposely did not use cosmetic procedures to address her crow’s-feet and laugh lines because she likes them).

So add Fonda to the list of aging celebrities who feel bad about their necks and other body parts. Which makes me sad — Jane Fonda (ofallpeople) should feel darn good about how she looks. Or should we file this under “at least she’s refreshingly honest about it?” (Demi Moore, I’m looking at you.)

Not sure. I do appreciate when celebs are straight-up about the pressure they face to look the way they do, because it’s a healthy reminder for the rest of us that they live in a weird, overly photographed little world and we shouldn’t try to apply their crazy standards to ourselves. Instead, we should count ourselves lucky that we get to earn a living without photos of our every stretch mark appearing in national magazines.

But I think I’d appreciate it even more if they used their fame to take a stance against that crap.

What’s your take?

[Photo from Fonda’s own blog post about her Larry King appearance, which she wrote while in the bath, above.]



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2 responses to “[Beauty Overheard] Jane Fonda is Not Proud of Her Plastic Surgery.

  1. Yeah, I wish they’d be honest about it, too. It would help us “normal people” feel better about ourselves.

    There’s a great article in Allure magazine this month about this topic. I love the lady (in the article) who is totally honest about it, and she prints an annual pamphlet, listing all the names and numbers of her doctors and who did which parts of her body. She says (in the article) that her friends keep asking for more copies of the pamphlet. : )

  2. goldengrain

    Does anyone know the name of Jane Fonda’s plastic surgeon? I think she looks great.

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