Pretty Price Check (04.16.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Photo of Primark padded bikini pulled from marketPhoto of inside of Primark padded kids' bikini pulled from market.

  • 7 year olds don’t need padded bikinis, as British brand Primark learned this week when pretty much the whole rest of the UK said “WTF?” in response to their new kids’ line of cleavage-boosting swimsuits (above, now off store shelves).  (Via Salon.)
  • HR 4925 is the bill number for the proposed Healthy Media for Youth Act which would fund a national task force at the National Institutes of Health to research how negative portrayals of women in the media impact young girls. It’s a first step towards the kind of photoshop laws that Europe is starting to issue against overly airbrushed beauty advertising — and I say, bring it on. (Via Feministing.)
  • 8 Years: How much of her life the average woman spends shopping. Yes, that includes for groceries. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel better about it. (Via Salon.)
  • £10,000: What a 50-year-old British mom spent on plastic surgery procedures to help her look just like her 28-year-old daughter. Freaky Friday gone very, very wrong. (Via the Daily Mail.)

PS. Since we had so much fun with how to sell “skin treatments” to dudes this week, I just wanted to also let you know that Kiehls, Shiseido and Lancome have all introduced self tanning lotions marketed to men. In male-friendly tubes. Phew, they got the memo. (Via BellaSugar.)

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2 responses to “Pretty Price Check (04.16.10)

  1. If I ever start contemplating having plastic surgery to achieve my daughter’s “crinkle-free eyes” when I’m 50, please smack me. Good heavens.

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