Pretty Price Check (04.23.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Photo of a Tanning Addict

  • 78 percent of frequent tanners say they’ve tried to cut down but can’t — and feel guilty about it, according to a new study that bolsters the not new theory that tanning can be addictive. I think we knew this, but clearly, still disturbing. (Via Mother Jones.)
  • $150,000: How much the moms on this episode of Tyra spend on beauty treatments for their kids. There’s a weird defense of spa services for kids happening right now (and let’s be clear, we’re talking about weekly manicures and regular leg waxes for grade schoolers — not playing around with your mom’s nail polish) and it’s making me all kinds of itchy. More on this soon. (Via Jezebel, who is not a fan.)
  • 4 Avon Executives have been suspended pending the results of an investigation into whether they bribed officials in China and Latin America (two of the $10 billion company’s biggest markets). (Via CBS News.)

PS. Here’s a little Earth Day present for you: The Zoya Nail Polish Exchange is going on now through June 30. Send ’em your old/unwanted nail polish (which, I’m hoping, they plan to dispose of safely) and get a free bottle of their more eco-friendly polish (because it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates), free!

[Photo from Liz Barrs’ Flickr Photostream that will pretty much kill any buzz you ever get from tanning.]


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One response to “Pretty Price Check (04.23.10)

  1. This is the first time I’ve commented on your site since I discovered you about a month ago but 1) I just want you to know how much I’m enjoying your insight and experience, both serious and otherwise. And 2) I’m seriously stoked (so much so that I’m not sure I’ve EVER used that word) about the polish exchange! I’m all signed up and just have to buckle down and pick out some savory shades. I posted about it and referenced your site here…

    Thanks again!

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