Pretty Price Check (06.04.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week

  • 76: The age of beloved Golden Girl Rue McClanahan, who died yesterday. Eat The Damn Cake had a great piece last week about Taking Back the Cute; why women who aren’t tiny, young, and traditionally beautiful should get to act girlish and adorable if they so please (and women who are these things should get to be taken seriously when they want and basically, we should all get to break the rules about how the world thinks we should look and behave whenever we damn well want to!). Blanche got that. And it was pretty trailblazing of her.
  • $2000-$5000: What you’ll pay for dimple implants. (If you’re that kind of rich, will you come pay my mortgage first?) (Via Lemondrop.)
  • Over 10 percent of her income: What the average Iranian woman now spends on cosmetics. (Via BellaSugar, who has a very thoughtful take on the matter.)
  • 4 times: How much longer it takes the average woman to get ready for work on Monday versus Friday. That would be why I’m typing this in my PJs. At noon. Because doing a ton of beauty work before you even get to work-work? Not so much. (If you missed it, check out my series on Beauty Labor for more about why this is; stat via Jezebel.)

New Favorite Blog: (Actually I’ve been liking this one for QUITE awhile) re:Cycling, which is the blog for the Society of Menstrual Research, where the always insightful Elizabeth Kissling takes on the feminine hygiene industry. Hint: It’s a lot like the beauty industry, if this ad that equates moist towelettes for your ladyparts with courage is anything to go by.

Oh and shameless self-promotion time: Tuesday’s Tip Jar got republished over on Jezebel, where it has clocked over 300 comments. A lot of folks think 13 is a pretty legit age for an eyebrow wax and Nine’s parents probably have her best interests at heart. Others are totally skeeved. What do you think? Comment here or there.

[Best of Blanche video via Bitch from YouTube.]



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3 responses to “Pretty Price Check (06.04.10)

  1. Thanks for the kind words about re:Cycling! I’m a big fan of Beauty Schooled as well.

  2. I was peeved when I read about Nine. I think it should be her decision and not her parent’s, but if she decides she wants her brows waxed, thirteen’s an ok age. Most girls are shaving their legs by then, so waxing brows be fine.

  3. Jess

    “$2000-$5000: What you’ll pay for dimple implants. (If you’re that kind of rich, will you come pay my mortgage first?) (Via Lemondrop.)”

    so funny seeing as someone i know used to have their dimples pierced, and now has dimples after taking them out and letting them heal. probably cost $40-60.

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