Beautiful Bloggers.

Beautiful Blogger Award

The lovely Nutmeg Knitter was nice enough to tag me for this fun blog pay-it-forward kind of thing. The rules are that I tell you ten random facts about me, and then nominate ten blogs.

I’m short on blogging time at the moment (can you tell?) so yes, hardcore journalism is on hold for a minute and I’m shamelessly using one of these trendy blog memes to keep you happy and entertained while I rush around doing a million and twelve things. (Most of which are related to this project and hardcore journalism, so don’t fret.)

Here goes:

1. My legs are at least three different shades of orange-y tan right now, due to a spray tan mishap at Beauty U that I will be reporting on in greater detail later this week.

2. I have feelings of intense dislike towards ear drops, beer, most sports, and the word “rhubarb.” (Also advertisements/magazine covers that make women feel bad about their bodies and American Apparel for its weirdly fascist employee dress code. But you knew all of that.)

3. I have feelings of intense like towards pasta, projects, chocolate, mason jars, and vintage handkerchiefs. (Also shoes. But you knew that too.)

4. I am hording a jeans pass that I forgot to turn in one day at Beauty U, and I keep not using it (even though we’re supposed to use our jeans passes within three days of receiving it). Because I like knowing that it’s there.

5. I just baked super awesome brownies because it’s the birthday of one of my favorite Beauty U classmates tonight. And because I make super awesome brownies. Which we will eat in the break room, in between eyebrow waxes.

6. I am only ever barely on time to anything, and that includes Beauty U, where, if you arrive after 6:05 PM, you are not allowed to enter the classroom until 7 PM, and have to sit in the break room and spare into space because we don’t get good cell reception back there. I am actually super proud of the fact that this has only happened to me once twice. Less proud now.

7. Last month, I learned the hard way that if you wax armpits and forget to wear gloves, your hands will smell like armpit for the rest of the night.

8. My eyebrows grow so fast that I have to get one of my Beauty U friends to tweeze and trim them every two weeks, or they start to stick straight out. (That’s for everyone who thought I was being wholly unsympathetic to the hairy eyebrow needs of kids like Client Nine.)

9. I’m eating toast for dinner. (In the next six minutes before I leave for class.) Again.

10. And I’m out… What else do you want to know about me/Beauty U/life in general?

Here, in alphabetical order, are ten blogs that I consider very beautiful. (It was really hard to choose just ten, by the way, and no, they are not all about beauty. I have layers.)

2000 Dollar Wedding

A Practical Wedding

Dances With Fat

Eat the Damn Cake

Fornicating Feminists

Her Two Cents

Not Just A Pretty Face

The Seventeen Magazine Project

The Chaw Shop

Things We Make



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4 responses to “Beautiful Bloggers.

  1. Thank you!!!

    I can’t wait to hear about the spray tan adventure. And I hope we can still be friends, despite strawberry rhubarb pie being one of my absolutely favorite foods.

  2. Miss Trixie

    I’ve been enjoying your website for weeks since Jezebel featured your Client 9 story. I love your blog! Here’s my question –

    The esthetician who waxes off my face-scraggles said I should never tweeze, only wax. Is she just trying to keep my business or is waxing truly superior to tweezing? I honestly see no difference in the type of growth between defuzzments. (I never gave her comment a second thought until I read all you had to say about being taught to sell services and products above all else). Your thoughts?

  3. Hi Miss Trixie,

    I haven’t heard any legitimate case made for waxing being a more effective means of hair removal than tweezing. There IS a difference between waxing (which pulls hair out at the root, when done correctly) and shaving (which cuts it off at the surface, so it can grow back more quickly since the hairs don’t have to start from scratch). But tweezing pulls hair out by the root as well, so I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work as well. Of course, it can be more finicky so waxing might be more effective if you’re covering a big area (I don’t know too many folks who tweeze their leg hair for example!). But in terms of efficacy, I think they’re the same.

    And yes, as a general rule, we discourage clients from tending to their own hair removal at home, just like we discourage them from popping their own pimples. Yes, since you aren’t trained, there’s a chance you’ll inflict more damage (are your tweezers sanitized as often as ours? Are your hands clean? Will you apply too much pressure extracting and leave a scar? that kind of thing). But also yes, if you can do those things at home, you won’t need to pay your esthetician to do them and then she loses business.

    I don’t think she’s being particularly diabolical by convincing you that she’s the best woman to tackle your face-scraggles (best. phrase. ever. btw). It’s just good business. Whether you take that as gospel is, of course, up to you.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. You are so sweet for including my blog in this list, I’m going to bake you a pie. Sans rhubarb.

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