Twittering This Post.

I’ve been finding Twitter to be obnoxiously slow today, probably because everyone is tweeting away about a certain soccer game. Plus, it’s about 112 degrees in my office, which doesn’t translate into super insightful blogging. So, here’s a quick post that is really just things I would have tweeted if I didn’t keep getting that sad whale screen:

  • Anna North has a really great essay about why we’re so weird about seeing women’s skin, even if we’re Kim Kardashian (on Jezebel.)
  • If you share my obsession with mannequin heads, check this out (via American Salon.)
  • Constance McMillen didn’t get to go to the prom, but she got to go to the White House. I say, she wins. (Via Salon’s Broadsheet.)

There you go. If you loved this and you aren’t yet following me on Twitter, well goodness, get on that. I’m getting close to 200 followers, which seems awfully fancy.



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2 responses to “Twittering This Post.

  1. Hi! We’ve Tweeted and I just noticed your sexy blog, which is very similar to a blog I wrote last year (not as sexy). I’m a writer and editor, too, and I went to night school to be an esthetician and got my license in 2009. I can’t wait to read all your back posts. Here’s my old blog:

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