Pretty Price Check (07.19.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

First up! Thank you to the lovely commenter over on this Sociological Images post, for giving Beauty Schooled a big shout-out — and hi to all of you new folk who have traveled over from there!

If you’re looking for the post she referenced (the story of Client Nine and the Parent-Supervised Eyebrow Wax) click here. To be honest, it’s a lot less dramatic that the Toddlers & Tiaras clip over at Sociological Images — but that maybe makes it that much creepier. Because Nine’s mom wasn’t a reality TV-hyped pageant mom, where you expect her to say outlandish things so you get to scoff and judge her. She was just a normal mom, wearing faded nursing scrubs and not much makeup. And Nine’s dad was this average-looking guy in old cordoroys. And they thought getting her eyebrows waxed was just what you do when she gets to a certain age, so she can look a certain way, and we can all relax about it. Judging that mom felt a lot more uncomfortable because it meant also judging myself.

And while we’re at it, I have to ask what good it does for us to get all up and arms about that pageant mom and say she’s a bad parent or wildly insecure or whatever? Tearing down other women for their choices about the beauty myth is just never productive. (Even when it’s funny. And I’m as guilty of this as they come.)

Tearing down the industry that sells us that myth, on the other hand… is our raison d’etre here at Beauty Schooled. So let’s get our Price Check on! (Yes, it’s Monday not Friday and I’m late again. It is summer, you know.)

photo of Bikini Ink

  • $75 is the price tag on Bikini Ink, which is the new vajazzling, only it’s a fake tattoo that goes where your pubic hair belongs. (This makes me extremely hopeful that the vajazzling trend is dying so that people will stop rushing up to me on the street/sending me text messages/emailing me and asking, “oh my GOD, have you blogged about vajazzling yet?” Which just kept resulting in me NOT blogging about it, because it made me grouchy. On the other hand, I am mostly posting this so I can say “yes” when they start asking the same question about Bikini Ink.) (Via American Spa Blog and BellaSugar, where I found the picture above.)
  • $20-30 is the cost of the circle contact lenses made popular by Lady Gaga and girls wanting huge Bambie eyes. Oh, also blindness. Or at least, pink eye. Pass. (Via iHeartDaily)
  • $19.50 is what you’ll pay for Gap Kids Skinny Jeans. And how do we feel about marketing “skinny” jeans to little girls? Not so great, hmm? J. Crew calls ’em stovepipe jeans, that would have worked for me. (Via New York Magazine’s The Cut)
  • 18 is the age of Charice Pempengco, a FIlipino singer who just released her first album and got Botox for an appearance on Glee. (Via Female Impersonator.)
  • SPF 100 is a total crock of sh*t. Just wear your 30 and reapply, reapply, reapply. (Via Beauty to the People.)

And on that note, who cares if it’s really Monday? Blow off work early and go to the beach — wheee!

(I mean, I can’t, but you still should. Because I’ve got JUST 18 NIGHTS — and ummm, 9 more makeup hours — LEFT at Beauty U* so the only tan I’m getting this summer comes from Stephanie’s airbrush gun.)

Must Read: (At the beach or wherever you are) Newsweek’s new special report, “The Beauty Advantage.” I’m reading now… so expect pithy thoughts soon.

Get Excited For: Wednesday, when Annie Leonard releases her new video, The Story Of Cosmetics. I. Know.

*Spread over four weeks, don’t get panicked now, and remember, the blog doesn’t end when Beauty U does — it gets better than ever!


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11 responses to “Pretty Price Check (07.19.10)

  1. Mo

    “Vajazzling” reminds me of “clitter”… Turn your labia in a yay-bia!

  2. vajazzling! sorry to comment on it, since you don’t want to blog about it. but this is the first time i’ve ever seen the word, and i had to say something.

    those lady gaga contacts are a very bad idea. did you read the times article about them?

  3. I am quite ticked off about the Gap marketing little kid jeans – not just “Kids Skinny” jeans, but for the toddler set as well. I opened a parenting magazine this weekend to a two page ad for Gap’s “Skinny Minis”, “Playdate Straight” and something else (original fit?) – shown on tots that were 2.5 years old. Sorry, I love my kid and will ensure she looks cute almost all the time, but I am not buying those. This just adds to my irritation at Gap for their pants – the last time I tried on jeans there (in their variety of fits) and nothing fit right I was told by an employee that “they didn’t have anything for my body type”. Um, I really didn’t think my body type was all that unusual but I guess I was wrong. /end rant. 🙂

    • Mo

      just wanted you to know that you’re not alone with not being the right body type for gap… neither am i. too wide at the hips, legs too long, and too much butt. screw gap jeans.

      • Cindy

        i read on another blog somewhere, that women will most of the time say, oh my body (insert whatever insult) when something doesn’t fit, whereas men will say something along the lines of, oh those pants wre made wrong/poorly.

        not to say that men dont have issues also, but that really struck me. so no its not @becca’s body type thats wrong, or @mo’s body type, its the clothes and the way it was designed. period. and if gap can’t design clothes for every body type, well then i’ll just take my money to somewhere that does 🙂

        ps. @becca my little cousin, who is in a mini me and turned 6 recently, is wearing skinny jeans. and talks about being fat. and whether she should have cake since it has a lot of calories. its terrible that children cannot be children!

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  5. Cara

    That was me (the random commenter)! Just spreading the good word around and giving credit where it’s due! 🙂

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