[Last Ten Weeks] The Graduation Date is More Conceptual Than I Would Like.

So remember how last week, I told you that I was down to my last 18 nights at Beauty U?

Then I went to school and Miss Susan told us that we forgot to count snow days. Which Beauty U “doesn’t hold against you,” (as in, charge you extra money for) but does require you to make up by pushing your graduation date back a day for every snow day missed. State rules about how you have to have precisely 600 hours to qualify for the state board exam and what not.

I only dimly recall it now that we’re in the height of summer sweatiness, but we had six snow days between December and February.

Which means, my graduation date rolls back a whole week and a half. (Plus those pesky 9 hours that I’m still chipping away at in Make-Up Time.)


I was pretty grouchy about it last week because I had my one graduation date (August 17) so locked in my head and it was really keeping me going. But now it’s July 26, which means my new graduation date (August 26!) is now exactly one month and 20 Beauty U days (80 hours + 7.5 make-up hours!) away.

So I’m feeling more Zen about the whole thing. And wanted to update you so you don’t feel anxious.

From the Department of Crazy Beauty U Rules, it should be noted that even though they don’t hold snow days against us (and thanks, by the way, for not considering me personally responsible for nature), they didn’t exactly clarify the snow day policy until I thought to ask. Six months after the fact.

And they don’t allow us to make up the snow days the way we make up the days we miss for personal reasons — so you have no choice but to watch your graduation date push back. It would have been nice to have had the option to chip away at these days as we went along. A bunch of us are planning vacations as soon as we’re set free, so there are all kinds of life, work, whatever plans that will have to be reconfigured accordingly. It’s a drag.

But hopefully it’s a drag with only a month left now. Unless the graduation date changes again — we’ve been warned by teachers and other senior students to keep a close eye on our hour tallies from here on out. Remember how they screwed up Leslie’s math and she had to come back for an extra two hours? And pay extra for them? Yeah. Like that.



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3 responses to “[Last Ten Weeks] The Graduation Date is More Conceptual Than I Would Like.

  1. Ugh. Sorry! Someone chain that graduation date down!

  2. Miss Trixie

    Do you think Beauty U deliberately held back that info from the students or do you think it’s more a case of them forgetting, or just not caring? Graduation date changing seems like the sort of thing they’d have mentioned more than once by now. I’m calling shenanigans.

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