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[Best of Beauty U] The Field Trip

We ended up taking four separate field trips to makeup stores (Sephora, Ulta, and MAC). Mostly, these were an excuse to get out of school for the night, shop, and eat mall food. But don’t think I’m knocking that — when you’re in the middle of 600 hours of beauty school, getting a night off to shop and eat mall food is rad.

We never got a chance to learn much more about airbrushing makeup, because the Beauty U system was always out of cartridges. I still think this whole thing is way too much work unless you’re on a movie set or something.

Temptu Scan

Me. Airbrushed.

Today we pile into Miss Jenny’s SUV and drive over to the fancy mall for a demonstration of the AIRbrush Makeup System by Temptu at Sephora. Continue reading

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[Best of Beauty U] Orientation: The Professional Must Constantly Strive for Excellence

So here we go, ALL the way back to the beginning, and my first taste of Beauty U rules. Barb had to leave Beauty U for personal reasons a few months after I started, which was too bad because I really liked her.

PS. Little did I know, I’d end up wearing leggings (or yoga pants) almost every day for ten months.

James VanDerZee, Beauty School Photo Continue reading

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So Here’s What Happens Next

[Warning: This post gets crazy sappy. I didn’t even bother with a picture because it would have to be of a smiling kitten or something. I’m in that kind of mood.]

Lovely readers,

Thank you so much for the flurry of sweet comments and tweets and such in response to yesterday’s graduation post! While I’ve been getting all misty-eyed about leaving my Beauty U ladies, I’ve also been thinking quite a lot about how much I adore all of you and this little community that we’ve built over the past ten months of beauty lovers, beauty critics, beauty consumers, beauty workers, and just all-around cool people. We pretty much rock, right?

So when Ariana asked yesterday, “I hope this won’t be the last we hear from you?” I laughed in a mildly evil oh-they-only-wish! kind of way. Because don’t you worry, Beauty Schooled isn’t going anywhere. Continue reading


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I’m a Graduate.

photo of my Graduation Cake

That’s what everyone on the local cable commercials for Beauty U says — usually as they’re looking up from a facial or turning away from a head of hair or standing proudly next to Mr. G, while extremely excited music blares.

And now, I can say it too.

OK, to be technical: I still have to go get a physical and head back to Beauty U for my Exit Interview so they can send all my paperwork to the state and register me for the exam. That will happen in the next few weeks.

But in the meantime, I’ve clocked my last Beauty U hour. That means… Continue reading


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[Last Ten Weeks] The Practical Report (And Other Good Stuff to Read Today)

Tonight, I take my final Beauty U Practical Exam. This is supposed to exactly mimic what we’ll have to do at the state board licensing exam, so it involves you assembling a whole big kit of supplies, and then demonstrating how to do an arm wax, a lip/chin wax, an eyebrow tweeze, a facial, and a daytime makeup application.

To be honest, I know most of this stuff cold by now. (We all do.) The only places I get tripped up are on the waxing, where we have to use honey instead of wax, I guess because state board proctors don’t want to worry about test models getting crazy skin reactions. So I use honey, but, because it’s honey, I just squeeze it out of the bottle onto my stick and then “wax,” and it turns out, you’re supposed to dip the stick into the bottle of honey like it’s a real waxing pot. Well, sure.

The other, more major catastrophe comes during my daytime makeup application. Continue reading

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It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Tasered.

photo of metallic pink taser

So fascinating to hear everyone’s take on the Vatoo Thing, from Friday. (I am especially loving the extremely great point that you are not actually tatooing your vagina because that is INSIDE your body. Oh, seventh grade health class flashbacks galore!)

Meanwhile, Gawker and The Cut have been riffing on the male side of the genital beautification biz (manzilians, brozilians, guyzilians, penazzling, yes these are all happening in a day spa somewhere), in response to this firsthand account on Salon by Jed Lipinski. I admit to being a little grouchy because there’s a rather glib tone being taken about a waxer who reports having to pull a taser on an “aggressive” male client in the thigh because he kept making inappropriate advances.

Maybe I’m uptight and old-fashioned, but if you have to bring a taser to work, I’m sorry, your job is too dangerous. Continue reading


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Pretty Price Check: Vatoos are a Thing Now. (08.20.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

I’m suspending the normal Pretty Price Check round-up today, because I think we need to take five and just deal with this one. This way, everyone can have a little moment about it, and I don’t have to spend the next six weeks explaining the concept every time I’m making small talk at a party or whatever, and people find out I blog about women’s beauty rituals.

Oh, who am I kidding? This is all anyone is going to want to talk about now, when they find out I blog about women’s beauty rituals. Continue reading


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