Advertising Continues to Be (Not) Awesome [Glossed Over]

Is it just me, or are the advertisers of America being particularly stupid this week? I’m wondering if they were all at a conference together in Palm Springs or someplace and had a few too many mai tais before making frat boy-style bets on who could be the most boneheaded. Here are a couple recent favorites.

1. Oh hey, Gap. We were just talking about you. Thanks for this little pep talk. (And just how are we supposed to follow these instructions when you don’t make pants that fit?)

Photo of Gap Window Ad: Put Some Pants On

[Via Feministing, who has a link for you to send Gap an email, yay!]

2. I shouldn’t even be annoyed with SlimFast. Because, really, ads that make you feel bad about your body are kind of a diet drink’s birthright. If not them, who? But I do get so very exhausted by the wedding weight loss frenzy. It’s just not nice.

SlimFast Wedding Weight Loss Ad

[Via This Week in Lady News.]

3. But let’s end on a happy note: Because Jezebel reports that Pretzel Crisps will be taking these ads down due to their complete lack of taste. And helpful feedback from ticked-off bloggers (like my new favorite, Stephanie Marcus) and this guerilla artist who notes, actually, you can.

Pretzel Crisps You Can Never Be Too Thin

What about you guys? Spotting any (not) great ads out there? Link away in the comments and we’ll make our own Hall of Shame.



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2 responses to “Advertising Continues to Be (Not) Awesome [Glossed Over]

  1. Thanks for posting this. The pretzel crisps ad really got under my skin. Here’s my take on it

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