PS. Here’s Something Else You Can Do!

So yes, this study about little girls has me pretty hopping mad, and nudging you to email your Congresspeople (for real now, email your Congresspeople) was the only thing I could come up with at first to make me feel a bit more hopeful about the whole mess.

But now, here’s something else nice and hopeful and also way more fun: The No More Dirty Looks Summer Hair Challenge!

Your mission, from Siobhan and Alexandra:

Some time in the next week, when you get up in the morning, shower, shampoo and condition your hair using nontoxic natural products, comb it when you get out of the shower, and that’s it. Once it’s dry, send us a pic.

(Wow, I just realized that I should have been using the pink font, like way more often around here.)

The goal is to see what your hair does once you get all the toxic crap out of it and just let it be, you know, your hair. They seem pretty convinced you’re going to be delighted. At the very least, it’s however many tablespoons full of icky chemicals that you’ll be skipping that day. (Or week. I’m on Day 2 right now, and I’m here to tell you, you will experience some frizz at first. Especially if you’re in the Northeast heat wave, like me.)

Full details on the challenge here, plus product suggestions, and Siobhan’s inspirational hair story, to get you motivated. (Though, as a more curly-haired person, I’m really waiting on Alexandra to share her tale.)

Good times!



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7 responses to “PS. Here’s Something Else You Can Do!

  1. I stopped using shampoo and conditoner completely years ago. A number of family members think it’s gross, but it’s not like my hair is greasy or smelly (which some think it will be), nor is my scalp dry. Healthy, happy hair that looks good and doesn’t cost a cent to maintain.

  2. Millemma

    Reg. usage of pink font:
    No. No you shouldn’t. Please, don’t.

    Your blog is fabulous btw 🙂

  3. Kate

    I started using burt’s bees shampoo and conditioner about a year ago, and my hair is a lot healthier and actually not as frizzy!

  4. Done. I’m doing this for sure.

    In April I decided I was going to stop using shampoo and conditioner and just wash my hair with water. I went about 4 or 5 weeks and my hair looked hideous! It was greasy (almost waxy) and matted too. I gave up and got back on the ‘poo.

  5. I actually did this for a week while I was camping earlier this summer- washed with Dr Bronners peppermint and let air dry. Not easy for someone with long very curly and frizz-prone hair…after swimming one day, we drove out of the woods and went to an amazing coop in Missoula, MT for dinner. My hair was down, sans product. I went to the bathroom and checked the mirror (my fiance swore I was lovely as always) and it was totally poofy and frizzy and also sort of liberating and definitely soft. It felt good in that environment. Am I brave enough to rock that to my somewhat conservative office on a daily basis? Not sure…maybe I should try and see what happens. It’d certainly save me serious cash on “curl cremes”!

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