Pretty Price Check (08.13.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

'The Playboy Consultation Chair, Orange County, CA' 2007

  • 12,000 teenagers received Botox injections in the last year. (via Salon.)
  • 50 percent of women would rather go a whole summer without sex than gain ten pounds. I can’t decide it this makes me sad for sex, sad for body image, or both. (via Salon’s Broadsheet.)
  • 92 percent of women color their hair at some point in their life (duh). 72 percent of women say they feel more attractive after they dye it up. (via ModernSalon.)
  • Sizes 10 to 20 will soon be stocked at Saks Fifth Avenue, by big deal designers like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. But Jezebel says none of the fashionistas want to talk about it…

Must See: In case you didn’t already devour the Newsweek issue on beauty from cover to cover (because maybe, you are not me?), do click here to see an amazing slideshow called “Singular Beauty,” by photographer Cara Phillips. The former child model and makeup artist visited cosmetic surgeon’s offices to get shots like “The Playboy Consultation Chair, Orange County, CA’ 2007,” above.

She writes:

… during the process of making the following images, I didn’t find the ‘magic of transformation,’ instead, I saw the fears, self-loathing, and anxieties, of those who struggle to measure up to the current cultural expectations of beauty.

Check it out, then go read her essay, Six Ugly Secrets of the Cosmetics Counter, because BOY, does that sound a lot like what we’re doing over at Beauty U.


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