[Glossed Over] And Then This Happened

photo of gross laser hair removal ad

Just as we were getting our heads above water on the whole Pretzel Crisps thin campaign, too. It’s like maybe a new study just came out about women not being paranoid, insecure freaks and the advertising community saw the data and thought, “That really gets in the way of what we come here to do.”



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2 responses to “[Glossed Over] And Then This Happened

  1. ZYX

    This is interesting to me because even as a young girl, the one thing I wanted and could never have, was a beard. A long, full, majestic beard. ;-;

    that said, this ad is ridiculous

  2. Wow, it’s kind of postmodern: the only way a subway vandal could deface this bad boy would be by REMOVING the pretty lady’s mustache. Glorious stuff.

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