Pretty Price Check: Vatoos are a Thing Now. (08.20.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

I’m suspending the normal Pretty Price Check round-up today, because I think we need to take five and just deal with this one. This way, everyone can have a little moment about it, and I don’t have to spend the next six weeks explaining the concept every time I’m making small talk at a party or whatever, and people find out I blog about women’s beauty rituals.

Oh, who am I kidding? This is all anyone is going to want to talk about now, when they find out I blog about women’s beauty rituals.

Because as seasoned Beauty Schooled readers know: First there was the Brazilian. (Taking every last stitch of pubic hair off. Yawn. Did this for a client last night, by the way, and again a mere $5 tip for two hours of Brazilian, underarms and eyebrow waxing. Really, people?) Then there was Vajazzling. (Which is considered “advanced training” and beyond the purview of the Beauty U curriculum, though one student did have it done and showed us all. Sparkly.)

So now there is Vatooing. This is a temporary tattoo for your lady parts.

Here’s the video (via Jezebel, who got it from The Luxury Spot, intrepid reporters on all matters of genital beautification). I’m reserving judgment at the moment because if having a neon “69” painted on your lower pelvis makes you happy, well, isn’t that a fact?

But you might have stronger feelings. So… discuss!



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14 responses to “Pretty Price Check: Vatoos are a Thing Now. (08.20.10)

  1. Kate

    Point of order: Is a Brazilian really taking everything off? Thought it left a landing strip, no? I’ve heard of the everything-off job as a “honeymooner.” Or, translated: “The wax job guaranteed to make you look like an 11-year-old girl.” But hey. To each her own.

  2. At Beauty U, we define the Brazilian as “everything off.” The landing strip style is considered just an aggressive bikini. There’s obviously room for interpretation on this front, though – Miss Stacy tells me that in Brazil, they actually do leave the landing strip, and it’s Americans who have created the totally bare look. (She’s not Brazilian, that’s just word on the street kind of knowledge.)

    • What’s a sphinx then? I thought that was everything off. Or did I just make that up in my head? I’ve never had a bikini wax before, but I think it would be good to know what I was getting into if I ever do decide to do it. Wouldn’t want to go in wanting to be bare and end up with a spider vatoo. That could be embarrassing in some social circles.

      • HMM, I haven’t heard the term sphinx! But I wouldn’t stress too much — your waxer will ask you how much you want taken off before she starts. (Usually you wear underwear that’s cut in as much as you want, or show her by pulling it in to where you want to be.)

  3. Denise

    Don’t understand how it could take two hours to do a brazillian, underarms and ebw.

  4. Hey Denise,

    Probably because I’m still such a novice! I’ll probably do a post about that client next week, so stay tuned for the full story, but I know I’m still slow. I tend to do pretty small patches because I’m still getting used to all the angles and directions of hair growth involved in a Brazilian, in particular. And with eyebrows, I do more tweezing than waxing because I’m very careful about the shaping (and live in fear of overzealous waxing that takes too much off!).

    How long would that kind of service take you? Any tips for increasing speed? Thanks!

  5. Elise

    Maybe these ladies in the video need to revisit high-school sex ed? Or Anatomy? Everyone has their pet peeve, but it just IRKS me when educated women refer to their entire pubic area as the “vagina”.

    • Brianne

      Yes, that always bugs me too. I’m never sure what they are actually bedazzling. I don’t want that stuff inside me. But I don’t want it on my labia or clitoris either.

  6. Laurel

    I am confused. The women in the video kept referring to the vagina, but the decorations are nowhere close to the vagina. How would a person decorate an internal structure, anyway?

    What they are doing is pubic adornment. I do wish we’d use the right words for our bodies.

  7. Becky

    This tattooing thing actually makes much more sense to me than the vajazzling. I don’t know why, it just does. Maybe because crystals sound itchy.
    And while this is almost certainly going to be TMI, I have to bring it up because no one ever does – though shaving/waxing/trimming it all off does make us look eleven, don’t you gals find that it increases sensation? It’s definitely not about the aesthetics for me…

  8. Samantha C

    I don’t know, it seems like a temporary tattoo should be less of a deal than the whole vajazzle? It seems like it’d take less time and be less obtrusive to actually having sex. I guess if you’re going to be bare there anyway why not have a little fun with it?

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  10. hi! your video link isnt working… try this one:

    and we’d really appreciate it if you linked back to our original post:

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