It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Tasered.

photo of metallic pink taser

So fascinating to hear everyone’s take on the Vatoo Thing, from Friday. (I am especially loving the extremely great point that you are not actually tatooing your vagina because that is INSIDE your body. Oh, seventh grade health class flashbacks galore!)

Meanwhile, Gawker and The Cut have been riffing on the male side of the genital beautification biz (manzilians, brozilians, guyzilians, penazzling, yes these are all happening in a day spa somewhere), in response to this firsthand account on Salon by Jed Lipinski. I admit to being a little grouchy because there’s a rather glib tone being taken about a waxer who reports having to pull a taser on an “aggressive” male client in the thigh because he kept making inappropriate advances.

Maybe I’m uptight and old-fashioned, but if you have to bring a taser to work, I’m sorry, your job is too dangerous.

I’ve talked a couple of times about the issue of spa work getting confused with sex work, and I worry these “straight guys are getting so crazy with the waxing!” stories aren’t helping to clarify matters. Last week, 19-year-old Brooke had to do a neck wax on a male client. I’ve trimmed this guy’s eyebrows before, and got a weird vibe even out of that encounter, where he stayed fully clothed. This time he had to take his shirt off, and we could hear him asking her to keep waxing “just a little bit more,” well beyond the point where any normal human would consider their neck waxed.

There was no official pass-making move, like the time Miss Jenny’s client put a wad of cash on the table, or Miss Stacy’s client got a super obvious erection; this guy just wanted to drag out the enjoyment that is a neck wax (it takes all kinds…) and then leave without tipping. But with this whole “maybe she’ll go the happy ending route” misconception out there, I think the line is getting blurred between a little natural awkwardness between female waxer and male waxee and straight-up sexual violence. (Again. She had to use a taser.)

So you can see why we’re finding it hard to feel comfortable working on male clients, period. Even if they keep their pants on.

[Photo: The Taser C2 in Metallic Pink. Of course. From]


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4 responses to “It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Tasered.

  1. Maybe I am old fashion, but I thin that area on both sexes in fine and beautiful as is.

  2. Amanda

    Hah, I actually posted your sex work != salon work article over on gawker in response to their waxing article.

  3. Veronica Mars quote! YAY!

    Honestly, I think the whole Brazillian waxing thing is a step too far, either for men or women. A little trimming should be enough, imo.

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