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Beauty Schooled on!

Screen grab of Beauty Schooled on

I did a fun interview with’s Cheryl Wischhover, which just went up, so you should totally go read it (and comment! and like it!) over here.

Such fanciness. Of course and here I am, padding round the house in extra large men’s overalls. As us fashionistas do.

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[Beauty Overheard] So Yes, Serena Williams is a Nail Tech Now

Serena Williams Goes to Nail School

We touched on this yesterday (when Jezebel posted the video over here), but I think Serena Williams giving Oprah a pedicure deserves a closer look-see, don’t you?

First, we’ll deal with the obvious: Serena Williams is going to beauty school and blogging about it (over at Global Grind). This is going to have you asking some questions. Like, how do I handle being so awesome that even international tennis sensations are copying me? Understandable. I wonder that, too.

But it’s important to remember that as much we have in common (beauty school, blogging, awesomeness), Serena and I can be different too. Like, the tennis thing. And Serena has her own special reasons for going to beauty school. Continue reading


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[Muddling through Milady’s] Chapter 2: Your Professional Image

From Milady’s Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians, page 21:

If you do not look good, your clients may assume that you cannot make them look good.

Forget all the decoding and analyzing we like to do of the beauty industry’s secret messages. It really is that simple.

So what does Milady’s think I need to do, in order to look good to make my clients look good? Here’s a collection of the chapter’s best tips. Continue reading


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[Beauty Overheard] Mario Testino is Cool With Your Eating Disorder

photo of Mario Testino

Via The Cut, here is a little loveliness from fashion photography legend Mario Testino.

I think the world has greater problems than anorexia. Fashion uses young models, it always has, and of course they’re skinny. I was skinny too at their age. Continue reading


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Monday Mannequin Mania


Starry Night Mannequin Head

Starry Night. In Mannequin form.


Obviously, anyone who can see my blog header knows I have a thing for mannequin heads. Back at Beauty U, I was constantly jealous of the cosmetology students getting to play with their mannequin heads all the time, because in esthetics, we don’t get mannequins, a fact that I found deeply disappointing. (It’s kind of hard to practice facials on plastic — you need real skin.) I don’t know why I like them so much – I was a big player-with-dolls as a kid and very into cutting my Barbies’ hair and all that, but there is also something super creepy about these life-sized heads with empty eyes.

Whatever the Psych 101 explanation is about me and mannequins, I have now discovered this site and cannot get enough of the awesomeness. Continue reading

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Pretty Price Check (09.24.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

What's in Your Makeup Bag? Flickr Pool

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No Makeup Days

No Make-Up Week

As I mentioned yesterday, No More Dirty Looks is hosting a No Makeup Challenge this week. Turns out it’s part of a whole big No Makeup Week originated by Rabbit Write here in blogland, so obviously, I had to get in on that action. (Hi fellow bloggers! Thanks for letting me play!)

What’s funny is that, before Beauty U, this would have been so not a thing for me. Continue reading


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[Muddling Through Milady’s] No More Teachers, But Yes, More (of this) Book.

Screen grab of Milady's About Page

And here you thought we were done with schooling.

I may have gotten my weeknights back, but my esthetics education isn’t quite over. Continue reading


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Reclaiming the Leg Wax?

phot of DIY leg waxing

A lot of people have been curious to know if I learned anything magical at Beauty U, like that has totally changed my daily beauty routine, or that works SO super well, I want to shout it from the rooftops because I can’t believe there are still women walking this earth without having been enlightened by this Good Beauty Word.


For so many reasons, this has not exactly been the case. But there is one beauty treatment that I initially had a lot of doubts about, but am now coming around to appreciating. Not in a rooftop-shouting way exactly. More “oh well, alright then.” I was reminded about it when I saw this great post over on beauty dart and I thought I better come tell you all about it.

It is leg waxing. Continue reading


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[Glossed Over] So We’re Back to Real Life. And “Real Beauty.”

How much have you missed me?!

Hopefully not too much since you had the whole Best of Beauty U series to keep you entertained, plus two riveting guest posts (thanks again Kate, who wants to see pictures of you eating cake, and Siobhan/Alexandra — who have just started offering clean beauty regimen consultations, FYI. If you live near them, one will even come to your house and go through all your makeup and stuff with you. I mean! They are like the coolest big sisters you never had!).

But we’re all reunited now and I know I feel better.

And am having fun getting all caught up on everything that happened in the wide world of beauty while I was off the grid. Like, check it: Continue reading


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