Pretty Price Check (09.24.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

What's in Your Makeup Bag? Flickr Pool

  • 42 percent of women participating in a Neutrogena survey say they’d rather skip breakfast than skip applying makeup in the morning. See this is why we’re talking about this. I couldn’t help but notice most of you who scoffed at makeup in the comments yesterday admitted to at least some minor product use — blush for special occasions, eye shadow for when you wear your glasses, whatever. I think this is fine and dandy, but giving up breakfast? Remember how men don’t bother with any of this? (Via BellaSugar.)
  • 58 percent of women in the same survey said they expect their cosmetics to deliver “flawless skin” and 46 percent said they view wearing makeup as part of their overall skincare routine. This would be that “game face” version of makeup applications. (Via Cosmetics Design)
  • $91 billion: The value the global skincare market is expected to reach by 2014. Antiaging products are expected to drive growth (to help with that flawless skin thing), but we are wising up about anti-cellulite creams — their market growth was down 5 percent last year. Says GCI Magazine: “The credibility of anti-cellulite products in key Western regions has diminished following a lack of notable success stories, resulting in consumer apathy toward the category and stagnation in North America in 2009.” But the article also notes, “Even though […] antiagers only temporarily plump up the skin by a fraction of a millimeter, they are performing better, which raises questions as to why.” Yes. Why are we buying crap that doesn’t work? Maybe see above re: flawless skin?
  • 60 percent of the conditioner market now comes from plant-derived ingredients. (Instead of synthetics or animal proteins.) Nice work, naturals! But Cosmetics Design reports that botanicals are still more expensive, so many manufacturers are considering fish-based proteins instead. Cue angry vegans, stage left.

[Photo: “Happiness…” by yearofthegurl from the “What’s In Your Makeup Bag?” Flickr Pool.]


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  1. Nothing is more important to me than breakfast in the morning.
    I might consider skipping lunch to put on make-up, but by that point I suppose it would be too late to bother.

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