[Beauty Overheard] Mario Testino is Cool With Your Eating Disorder

photo of Mario Testino

Via The Cut, here is a little loveliness from fashion photography legend Mario Testino.

I think the world has greater problems than anorexia. Fashion uses young models, it always has, and of course they’re skinny. I was skinny too at their age.

If by “greater problems,” Testino means sh*t like model scouts who are also sex traffickers, haute couture so uncomfortable it makes models pass out, and the thousands of dollars that wanna-be models invest in attending cattle calls that get them absolutely nowhere, then, great, we’re on the same page. The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to the well-being of young girls, and anorexia is just the tip of the ole iceberg.

But I’ve got this funny feeling that’s not so much what he meant. Maybe because of how he also told WWD: “I end up taking off people’s clothes; I don’t know why.” Probably it’s all that respect you have for your photo shoots’ objects subjects.

[Photo of Mario also via The Cut.]



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2 responses to “[Beauty Overheard] Mario Testino is Cool With Your Eating Disorder

  1. Marian Sole

    So which is his line of fashion? Maybe we should just boycott him.

    • Alas, he’s a fashion photographer, not a designer. He shoots a ton of magazine covers, ad campaigns, etc. So a little tricky to boycott him specifically — though I sure might think twice about buying a magazine featuring his work on the cover…

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