[Beauty Overheard] Jamie Lee Curtis is Getting Her Ass Out of Show Business

Jamie Lee Curtis Premiere Of Touchstone Pictures' "You Again" - Arrivals

Via Jezebel, here is Jamie Lee Curtis in the latest issue of AARP Magazine.

Everybody is saying that to get jobs you have to dye your hair and get injectables. It’s a conspiracy, a complete catastrophe, a surgical industrial complex. Somehow we are being fed this belief that to continue on we have to do this. Yet people are being disfigured. It’s shocking what people are doing to their faces […] I’m getting my ass out of this business in a few years because genetically it’s not going to work for me. There are people who, when you see them on the screen, there’s an audible gasp of, ‘Oh my God. They look terrible.’ Or they’ve done something to themselves and now look like freaks.
Ever since her True Thighs moment in More Magazine back in 2002 (before celebs started doing the whole no-airbrushing-just-me thing in a trendy way) Jamie Lee has been fighting the good fight on this. And I love her for it. That is all.


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2 responses to “[Beauty Overheard] Jamie Lee Curtis is Getting Her Ass Out of Show Business

  1. Maggie

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. Yay for standing up against the beauty industry, but her quote there kind of sounds like she’s giving in to it. There are a lot of older, very talented actors of any gender, and the fact that they aren’t Hollywood beautiful just means they get more badass roles. Judi Dench, anyone?

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