Friends Don’t Let Friends Fat-Talk

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It’s happening on at least 35 college campuses around the country, says Time. I say, why not out in the real world, too?

The idea behind Fat Talk Free Week is to ban all those “I’m so gross” comments that we make about ourselves, but also the more innocent-seeming faux compliments, like “You look great! Have you lost weight?” Also the “I can’t believe she’s wearing that” trash talk.

“Shut up about my weight” was actually my New Year’s resolution — and I would say it has been something of a dismal failure. So I’m using this week to get back on the bandwagon — you’ll hear more about that process soon.

But first! I want to hear what you think. Do you Fat Talk? Good or bad? About yourself, about other people, or never ever? Discuss.

And then go check out the tips and  end fat talk on Facebook. (And oh hey, why don’t you like Beauty Schooled on Facebook while you’re over there?)



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6 responses to “Friends Don’t Let Friends Fat-Talk

  1. I, for one, think this is a fabulous idea. I think women are far too hard on themselves, often harder than they’d be on their friends or family. If you wouldn’t criticize a friend like that, you shouldn’t criticize yourself like that.

  2. Kate

    This is really thought-provoking and difficult to put succinctly into a blog comment. I never used to partake in this kind of talk but noticed I’d started in the last year or two. So I’m trying to stop and also figure out what changed to make me start.

    When I notice it most is going out for a meal with a group of my female friends. We always end up having these discussions. I definitely notice it more now that I’m trying not to participate.

    My new pet hate is when the topic of dessert comes up and the women who want some seem to feel the urge to justify why they want to have “naughty” food, or make some comment about it in relation to their waistline and/or exercise regime as if they should feel guilty about it…

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  4. Caroline

    On a women’s college campus, liberal as we are and much as we love each other’s bodies, this happens ALL THE TIME and it drives me crazy.

    We all tell each other how beautiful we are and how we wouldn’t change a thing, but it quickly devolves into talking about ourselves. Ex.:

    “You’re so pretty. you’re gorgeous! Your body is perfect.”

    “I would kill for your stomach. I will I had your curves. You look amazing; I really need to lose a few pounds.”

    It makes me feel just as bad to hear people criticizing themselves. Not just because they are beautiful and I wish they didn’t feel that way about themselves, but because it inevitably sparks the thought process, “Gosh, but she looks great. If she needs to lose weight, what does that mean for me…?”

    My particular group of friends has gotten better about this over the course of three years, partially out of sensitivity to the people we know who have/have had eating disorders (yup. college girls. there are a lot.) However, it makes it that much more upsetting when I hear it in totally casual conversation.

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