Pretty Price Check (12.03.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday roundup of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Marymount basketball team and cheerleaders 1958

  • $150: What you get paid per game if you’re a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Plus the hidden perk of having your body ripped apart by catty judges. (Via Hairpin)
  • $225: What you get paid when you model for Vogue‘s editorial pages.
  • $15,000: What you get paid when you model for J. Crew ads. So beauty does pay… sometimes. (Via Fashionista)
  • 60 percent: The uptick in nail polish sales this year. Beauty folk want polish to be the new “Lipstick Index” (their proof that we spend more on beauty in a bad economy). Because we’re buying less lipstick. (Could this be why?) (Via Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog)
  • 24 percent of consumers say they have chosen ethical personal care products over conventional products during the past six months. And the beauty industry is paying attention to that. Woot! (Via Cosmetics Design)

While we’re talking about spending: I’m working on an article for a national women’s mag about how the recession has changed our spending habits, especially now that things are (maybe?) starting to look up. Are you happily falling off the frugality bandwagon, or do you find you don’t even miss the things you cut out when we were all tightening our belts? Has trying to spend less changed your tastes, style or your quality of life?

Email me stat (beautyschooledproject [at] gmail [dot]com) if you have thoughts to share on this or have changed your spending habits in a dramatic way and I’ll give you more details.

Must Read: This smart post by Michelle Segar, PhD, a psychologist and researcher who studies health behavior and exercise with Institute for Research on Women and Gender at University of Michigan. Michelle advocates exercising for immediate benefits like boosting your mood and increasing your energy and sense of well-being — rather than those much more elusive (and guilt-inducing!) goals of thinness and health. Yes. More of that talk, please!

[Photo: “Marymount Basketball Team and Cheerleaders” by the Adolph B. Rice Studio, February 21, 1958, via the Library of Virginia’s photostream in Flickr’s Commons pool.]





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2 responses to “Pretty Price Check (12.03.10)

  1. Kate

    You gotta love the University of Michigan’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender!

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