Pretty Price Check (01.07.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

Amy Palanjian Homemade Makeup on Better TV

Well look at that! It’s a screen grab (because I can’t figure out how to bring the video over) of my best friend Amy Palanjian (deputy editor of ReadyMade Magazine, wearer of my purple dress) demonstrating how to make your own makeup over on I am especially excited about the beet root lip gloss, which, btw, she learned from our pals, the No More Dirty Looks ladies, who recently shared their DIY tips in the mag.

So go watch the video and learn stuff. (Maybe 2011 will be year I get over my DIY Beauty Product Fear… ) Then come on back, because we’ve got LOTS to Price Check today:

  • 1 year: How long this dude has gone without using soap. No, I don’t know why this story is running so long after we were all in a lather (ha! hygiene humor!) about hot people not needing to bathe back in November. I guess he felt left out. (Via Grist.)
  • $28-32: What you’ll pay for the Power Mama shapers in Spanx’s new maternity line. Can I just say that I am so over this obsession with what pregnant women must look like? They’re busy building another human being. Can we all agree to just not care what their butts look like during the process? (Via Jezebel.)
  • 13 percent of new skincare products claimed to be paraben-free in 2010, up from just 5 percent in 2008. Now we just need some durn regulations to make sure claiming is a good as being. I know, so fussy, right? (Via GCI)
  • 28: The age at which you will be most motivated and able to lose weight, according to this really reliable-sounding study conducted by the adult beverage company, Lambrini Light. Attention, my fellow late-20-somethings: I predict a slew of new diet beer ads coming your way. Everyone else: Game over. Just be fat now. PS. Best explanation from the “researchers:” That 28-year-olds “might still be single and have true motivation to put in the work to eat well and work out.” OHGODSOMANYTHOUGHTS. (Via MyDaily)
  • $150: The price tag on Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme (a whopping six-ounce tube), which Manhattan Magazine deemed one of the 11 hottest beauty products of 2010. Fortunately nobody reads Manhattan. (Except my girl Cheryl over on Fashionista who rightfully mocks this here.)
  • 8: The number of Brazilian blowout products now banned in France because they contain more than 0.02 percent formaldehyde. Bon temps! (Via No More Dirty Looks)


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6 responses to “Pretty Price Check (01.07.11)

  1. Thanks Spanx.

    Pregnancy was once the one time in a woman’s life where she didn’t have to worry about looking “fat”.

    . . . and now you’ve taken even that away from us.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Kate

    I just have to speak out in defense of the Spanx Power Mama shaper thingamabobs. I just bought one today, not because I’m trying to make my bump look smaller, but because I’m getting some pretty painful varicose veins on my upper thighs, and my docs (two of them, now) recommended this product to make me more comfortable. I’ve also bought compression hose, but they’re so uncomfortable I can barely wear them. Hoping the Spanx help, and let me underline that I’m buying them because GEEZ, varicose veins HURT. (Why does no one mention this?)

    • Kate, I stand corrected! I had no idea there would be a pain-relieving element involved. (Why? Oh because Spanx would never dream of marketing them for a practical reason like that, SIGH.) I was all worried about pregnant ladies feeling squished and uncomfortable. Because every time I’ve worn Spanx, that’s how I’ve felt, sans baby. (Not to mention the additional hours it takes to go to the bathroom in the damn things.)

      But if they are working for you, rock on!

      • Kate

        If you want to feel squished and uncomfortable, try compression hose. Eeek. I can’t imagine that Spanx are worse! But I’ll let you know either way. Consider it Beauty Schooled research.

  3. Kate

    Also, it’s perhaps worth reading the comments on Jezebel’s Spanx article. Lots and lots of support for reasons that have nothing to do with slimming.

  4. @ Above Comments: Wow I didn’t realize people used Spanx for reasons other than slimming and shaping, thanks for pointing that out though.

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