[Six Items or Less] Vote on Item #6!

As promised, I am putting the All-Important Decision of my sixth item into your capable hands.

If you need a refresher on items #1-5, check out this morning’s post. Then come on back and consider the following choices to fill this sixth slot.

Item #6 Option 1: J. Crew Cowl-Neck Cardigan with Toggle-y Things

J. Crew Cowl-Neck Cardigan with Toggle-y Things

I love this cardigan so much that when I left it on a train a few years ago, I called J. Crew’s customer service line and had them scour the earth (or at least, all of their stores) to find what may have been the last remaining one in stock and ship it to my house. (It was on super clearance by then, at least, but yeah, that was still pretty obsessive.)

Item #6 Option 2: Brown J. Crew (yes, I’m addicted) Cowl-Neck (ditto) Sweater

J. Crew Brown Cowl-Neck Sweater

Sane people might ask why I even need to own both Option 1 and Option 2, since they obviously do a lot of the same things. People relating more deeply to me and my issues will understand why I love this sweater so much it is looking kinda ratty and stretched out now, but I still can’t totally imagine the next 29 days without it. If it helps in your decision-making process, you should know that the cardigan above fits me in an above-the-waist cropped style, while this one hits more at hip level. These are crucial details, people.

Item #6 Option 3: Navy/Black Barney’s Henley-Style Sweater

Navy/Black Barney's Henley-Style Sweater

I scored this sweater in a clothing swap with Amy. I can’t quite decide whether it’s navy or black (depends on the light) which means I can pair it will anything that goes with either one of those colors. Which is basically everything. It’s super soft and cozy too. And before you ask, it also hits at hip level. I maybe should have ironed it before taking this picture. And learned how to take not-blurry pictures. It really is delightfully cute.

Looking at all of these deep V-neck type tops reminds me that I forgot to clarify another way that I am breaking adjusting the SIOL rules: I have deemed a handful of tank top/camisole type things as “underwear.” I know they aren’t really underwear, because I’d probably wear them in summer by themselves. But we’re in the middle of a frigid-snow-filled January, so I will not be going out bare-armed anytime soon. Which makes them more like base layers, aka underwear. And it will help me go longer on the laundry front if I can at least put on a clean undershirt type thing under these sweaters every day.

I was pretty strict with myself about what constituted an undershirt — no t-shirts that I definitely would wear by themselves even now. For proof, here are the before and after shots of my tank top collection (the rest have been moved to the after-30-days section of the closet):

Now, quick! Let’s vote before you all fall asleep with all this minutia. (For the record: Now that we’ve got the challenge off and running, I’ll be limited my updates to once or twice a week unless you all just seem riveted and clamoring for more.) Here’s the poll. Choose Option 1, 2, or 3 and if you like, expound upon your choice in the comments.

Thanks, lovelies!



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22 responses to “[Six Items or Less] Vote on Item #6!

  1. Arania

    You already have a jacket/sweater and you don’t have any shirts to wear with your jeans or jeggings. Go with #3.

  2. #1 because it is the cutest. But I’m not practical.

  3. Tabs

    #2 looks so cozy. D:

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  5. I picked #2 because it is the one I envy most in your collection! Just a word about those tanks. If they show, they count.


  6. paige

    I went “squee!” when I saw your 6 items, because they are the polar opposites of what I wear and I immediately wished we could hang out and look like some kind of awesome feminist odd couple. ANYWAY.

    I voted #1, because I remember someone fashionable saying that cropped-shrug-type things look good with dressses. And Kate is right, it’s super cute.

    • OOH, Paige, how do you dress? I am excited about this feminist odd couple business!
      Though I should note: I wear about 57 more colors in the spring/summer. There’s just something about winter that makes me live in gray and navy. But you haven’t even seen my unlimited accessories collection yet… there’s a lot more color going on over there. Stay tuned.

      • paige

        I dress…like a lady auditioning for Interpol, is the best i can describe it. Black skinny pants, white dress shirt, black hoodie, these boots. As for colour, sometimes I switch it up and wear this hoodie, which I think is the only thing I have bought since leaving school?

        P.S., have no idea how to use HTML, offering apology in advance. Feel free to fix/edit.

      • OK, yes that is pretty opposite of me! Though actually, I am completely coveting those boots…to wear with my ruffled cardigan 😉 I definitely play around with a lot of different styles when I am not limiting myself down to six items for a month, but there is absolutely a preppy/girly core.

      • paige

        Yep, I love those boots like they’re my children. Though hopefully you can’t buy children at half-price warehouse sales. 😉

  7. Jodie

    I voted for Option #1 because it looks slightly dressier to me…and that is the problem with MY wardrobe; nothing I own looks dressy except for the ultra dressy things which are so far out of style that they constitute their own weird style. Most all of my clothes are scrubs for work or jeans and unisex t-shirts. I am the opposite of you because I hate buying clothes, probably due to clothes-buying trauma being the only nonultraskinny person in my family, and my mom making sure that I KNEW that. I have no idea what looks good on me and nothing ever seems to fit, and I could easily do your 6 things because I think I really own only about 6 things I ever wear (I have 5 sets of work scrubs and when I’m not working I have to do laundry every three days or I have nothing at all to wear). This turned out to be a much longer comment, and all about me (sorry!). But looking at your clothes makes me wish I could find things I feel cute in.

    • Jodie, I SO hear you! I feel like my pieces are so unbelievably gray and identical-looking. And I can’t promise that I feel cute in them all the time, though I definitely made knowing I don’t feel cute in something an obvious deal-breaker when I was editing down from my full wardrobe. And what does it say about me that the things I feel cutest in are all neutral colored and super simple, while I avoided the brighter colors/busier prints/etc because I thought “no… too risky…” HMM.

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  9. Option #1! It’s so lovely, and how are you going to get through this challenge without toggles?!

  10. N

    I voted for option two because I have that same sweater in gray, and thus understand how cozy it is. I find this challenge interesting because I have to force myself to do the opposite: I have just a few favorite clothing items that I love and would wear the same thing every day if I could get away with it.

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  12. I would do the J.Crew Cardigan!

    I just posted the second outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

    So excited! What do you think?


    La Copine


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