Apologies, Beauty Schooled Email Subscribers!

This morning’s post arrived in your inboxes with all kinds of funky formatting problems. Even worse, you couldn’t see all the pretty pictures! So sorry.

Please click right over to view today’s post as it should have looked in your email, complete with finished text and pretty pictures. You know, a blog post the way nature (or at least Virginia) intended it.

PS. For folks reading this on their RSS feeds or right here on beautyschooledproject.com: Don’t let this snafu deter you from becoming an email subscriber if your little heart desires. It’s really fun and I never spam you. (Except by accident, today, when the pictures didn’t load right.) Just click the subscribe button on the right side of the home page. Good job.


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One response to “Apologies, Beauty Schooled Email Subscribers!

  1. Smith

    Site Photoshop Killer can tell you whether the image was Photoshopped. Just submit the suspicious image and you can get the result. JPEG file’s exif tags are used to do such classifications.

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