Joan Rivers and Me on Never Say Diet


Joan Rivers in Go Daddy Commercial

Afternoon, sports fans!

Hope you all enjoyed last night’s “How I Met Your Mother” marathon Superbowl. Through the wonder of the interweb, I managed to stay up to speed on the whole deal without watching a single touch-down. (Nothing against Green Bay — I just happen to like my football in a strict “Friday Night Lights” capacity, that’s all.)

As such, I’m guest-posting today over on iVillage’s Never Say Diet blog (yep, that’s my post in the screen grab above) about GoDaddy’s Superbowl commercial featuring a scantily clad Joan Rivers. You’re gonna want to click right over and read that. And please do comment while you’re there, then tweet, Facebook, as you do.

PS. My other not-so-favorite thing about GoDaddy* right now? That their other sexy celebrity spokeswoman is the awesome record-breaking Indy 500 racecar driver Danica Patrick. Except to GoDaddy, she’s just T&A.

*Full disclosure: GoDaddy is the host of this-here domain. (And my other site, These are facts that may change when I’m up for domain name renewal, because I’ve really had just about enough of their Hooter-esque antics. Anyone got a non-misogynistic domain host that they really love?






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6 responses to “Joan Rivers and Me on Never Say Diet

  1. Wendy

    I was more offended by the “nice rack” comment on the Teleflora ad. I mean, my 9-year-old nephew was exposed to this! I rarely watch TV and was astonished at how vulgar, violent and tasteless it has become.

  2. I’ve been using for years. I think they are a little more expensive but their services are top-notch.

    It is sad to me that Danica Patrick has become a caricature because of these GoDaddy commercials. It saddens me that more people know her as the GoDaddy girl than as a race car driver. T&A do nothing to help her behind the wheel, and racing is one sport where your physique has nothing to do with your success.

  3. jp

    Check out as well.

  4. I tried to comment on the iVillage site, but their comments don’t appear to be working. So:

    Nice balanced take on the issue! I get annoyed at people for bashing Joan. She’s funny, honest, and knows she’s trying too hard. And she’s kinda just doing what women are supposed to do– try desperately to stay young and “hot.” But GoDaddy is going in the wrong direction with this. It’s gross.

  5. Very well said! I’ve never liked those commercials, and Joan is at her best when she is making fun, not being made fun of.

    I’d like to suggest for your webhosting needs. Once you get past the somewhat bizarre moniker, they are an eco-conscious company (they use wind power to run their servers) with great rates and an excellent complement of tools at no extra charge. I used them for my business site (free shopping cart, too), and now I use it to maintain a website for my local animal shelter.

    As always, keep up the fabulous writing, I get so excited for new posts!

  6. has a list of their fav’s for hosting.

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