From 6 to 30. (And I Have Newfound Respect for Fashion Bloggers.)

Fact about me: I think blogs where people post endless pictures of every corner of their house as they decorate it or themselves wearing different outfits every single day are a little…um… much. It’s just so much navel-gazing, right? Is the minutia of our lives that interesting?

Now don’t get mad, because here is another fact about me: I am hopelessly addicted to blogs that do that and read dozens of them every day. Maybe at first it started because I was like, “Really? You changed the handle on your toilet and consider that blog-worthy?” But now I’m just straight-up addicted. Minutia is fascinating. I feel about some of these bloggers the way I used to feel about Michael, Liz and April in “For Better or Worse.” I’m very attached. I can’t wait to see which cardigan they are pairing with skirt today, or whether they finally found a solution to that pesky loud dishwasher problem.

(No, I’m not linking to any of those blogs here, because I don’t want them all getting mad at me for calling them self-indulgent really attentive to detail. You know which ones they are. You’re probably addicted to them too.)

So, when I decided that I want Beauty Schooled to talk more about fashion this year (since last year, we were oh-so-beauty fixated, and that was great, but hey, most women have a pretty love/hate/like relationship with fashion, too), I faced a bit of a quandary, because I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who tells you what I wear every day. (Do you want to know that? Really? If so, will you make a case for it in the comments, because I don’t believe you?) And yet, all these clothing challenges are such great entry points into talking more about fashion. But you do kinda have to show what you’re wearing.

All of which is to say: I’m about to show you a heck of a lot of pictures of clothes. Which I’m a little embarrassed about. But it must be done, because it’s time to upgrade from my Six Items (which ended yesterday) to 30 in 30! (So we can figure out if 30 items represents some kind of magical wardrobe number, where you have plenty to choose from and get creative with, but aren’t holding on to things that don’t fit/make you feel insecure and obsessive every time you get dressed. You know, like we talked about last week.)

And so, I’m sorry in advance if this post just bores you to tears. It’s not going to be an every day thing. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be price-checking. You’ll be back on familiar ground. Okay, then. Caveats aside, I am already more excited about this challenge, because wow, does 30 items feel like a lot of clothes now! I admit to falling off the wagon on the last few days of the Six Items challenge. It was just too minimal for me. And I think I needed a little break from structure before I jumped into a new challenge.

So, today we’ll take a look at my 30 items. And over the next month, I’ll check in every so often and let you know how it’s all going. But we’ll also continue our normal discussions of beauty standards, the media’s portrayal of women, eco-health concerns, life inside the beauty (and fashion!) industries, and all that other good stuff.

Now, let’s look at some shoes.

30 in 30 shoesNot surprisingly, I have more in my shoe category than any other aspect of my 30. And anyone who has ever been on vacation with me knows that cutting it down to just eight for a month is pretty impressive.

PS. Since workout clothes and outerwear don’t count, I decided that hiking boots, trail runners and snowshoes don’t count. But I did count the red Hunter boots whichwasverybigofme, since I wear them for cuteness as well as weather.

Next up: 5 options to wear on my bottom half.

30 in 30 bottoms

No, I am not a J. Crew model (though I am panicking now about how I didn’t pick any heels for the challenge). I was wearing the gray cords while photographing everything, so I pulled that shot from the website. But those are they. (Just more wee.) And please note that I counted black leggings even though I totally cheated let them be “hosiery” during the Six. See? I’m growing.

PS. Also note that the black skirt belongs to my mom and yes she can have it back when I next see her, even if the challenge isn’t over by then.

Here are 5 sweaters:

30 in 30 sweatersPlease ignore how the red one looks like a maternity sweater. It’s really cute and tunic-length (even though I hate the word tunic, yuck) but looks weirdly wide on the hanger. And yes, the busted brown shawl-collar sweater is back. And yes, the navy/blue sweater stayed in. But I’m taking a break from it this week!

Now we have 3 cardigans:

30 in 30 cardigansHooray for the return of Toggles!

Also, no, I don’t know why all of my cardigans are gray. There are even two more gray cardigans in the reject pile, not because I don’t love them, but because, if you’re only wearing 30 items, do you really need 1/6th of them to be gray cardigans? Maybe yes?

Here are 4 tops. 30 in 30 topsA little bit of a mish-mash. I wear the first two alll the time. The second two, I keep thinking I should wear more, because they seem like the sorts of pieces that I could be all clever and fashionista with, but instead I don’t. So this is their last chance — if they don’t get worn by the end of the challenge, they’re getting voted out of the closet.

And last we have 5 dresses.

30 in 30 Dresses

Which are a mix of can be worn alone or over jeans or both. But I prefer the term mini-dress to tunic, please. Yes, the blue one is really a sundress, but I layer it in colder months especially now when I’m feeling desperate for spring.

OK. So 8 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 30. And wow, taking pictures of all your clothes is super time-consuming. Those “here’s what I wear every day” bloggers work hard.

But I’m getting why they do it — I’m actually feeling Cher in “Clueless” (you know, how she has the awesome outfit planning program on her computer?) excited about my closet now that I can see all of my options in one place.

So what are you waiting for? Get a camera, start documenting. Minutia is very in for 2011.

[All photos by me, arranged in Polyvore, except the J. Crew cords, black leggings, Frye boots, and Converse sneakers.]


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4 responses to “From 6 to 30. (And I Have Newfound Respect for Fashion Bloggers.)

  1. I have a weirdly large amount of grey sweaters myself.

  2. Kate

    What’s wrong with looking like a maternity sweater? All of my sweaters now look like maternity sweaters. But then, I’m pregnant. But only for 6 more weeks and 5 days. Unless I go past my due date. WHICH I WILL NOT.

  3. Love the shirts! I have to say that I feel I can safely indulge in fashion-y feelings while reading this blog, because it seems justifiably cerebral. That probably means that I have some issues with wanting to be perceived as a smarty pants. But truly I do have a complicated relationship with clothes and magazines, and I appreciate that you are (without knowing it) helping me sort out the confusing knot of thoughts and feelings between my ears.

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