Pretty Price Check (02.11.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

OB Tampons

  • $39 is what you’ll pay for a box of the suddenly scarce OB tampons on the black market (otherwise known as Amazon). Ladies (especially you, Kate) I’ve got six OB tampons left in my bathroom cabinet and I accept all forms of payment including cash, J. Crew gift cards, and trips to the beach. (via MyDaily)
  • 67 women exhibited less proficiency at math after being looked at as sexual objects, according to this new study. The math abilities of the 83 men in the study were not impacted. (via The Hairpin)
  • No! No! Hair 8800 is the ridiculous name of this DIY hair removal device, voted At-Home Beauty Treatment of the Year by 50,000 consumers in an industry-sponsored survey. I hope everyone pronounces its name with an appropriate level of exclamation-point-indicated excitement. Or is it horror? (via GCI)

A short (but to the point!) Price Check this week, so I’m hoping y’all will stick around for another minute or two and take this quick poll about what you’d like to see less/more/most of here on Beauty Schooled. Because I aim to please, obvs, and I’d like to know which types of posts are most rocking your world these days. I’ve removed the “block repeat voters” option on this poll, so if you’re torn between a couple of answers, you can vote for each of them. And I’d love to hear more in the comments: Why did you pick your favorite? If you voted for more than one, how do you rank them? And so on.

(Also, don’t hold back — if you have a serious least favorite kind of post, you should tell me about that too. I can take it, don’t worry!)

Thanks so much and have a lovely weekend, grasshoppers!


[Photo: Untitled (but I think it’s about tampons) by Jujljija on Flickr.]




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11 responses to “Pretty Price Check (02.11.11)

  1. I know!!! (about tampons on the black market) It’s ridiculous!! I almost paid that much, I was so desperate. But there are still deals out there, if you know the right people….Kidding. I think it was

  2. Shannon

    Okay ladies- OB update. As a crazy, obsessively brand loyal OB user, I too was like all other women who use this product and started to panic when everyone started to run out of OB…. WHY OH WHY? After teeth nashing and wailing and using of those OTHER brands, I got pregnant unexpectedly, so my tampon days have been put on hold for a bit. BUT i was still so upset and pissed off about the sudden OB drought that I did some research….so here it is: production of OB’s were discontinued by Johnson and Johnson due to financial cut backs- BUT due to crazy women hormone fueled rages from rabid OB fans everywhere, Johnson and Johnson agreed to restart production. I am not 100% sure when this is going to happen, but I think it will be fairly soon. The only bummer is that they are no longer going to be making their Ultra, which sucks, cause I was a huge devotee of that size.(no worries though, super plus is still going to be in effect).
    So there you go! Maybe only a few more painful months of buying black market OB’s, and then back to “business” as usual!

  3. Frankly, I love all of it–it’s your voice and perspective that makes it interesting. Green beauty doesn’t concern me as much (smack my wrist, I know) but it should be a part of the conversation; I just don’t usually read those posts. I think that the labor issues–both as a beauty worker and as the beauty consumer who’s still doing labor–are the most intriguing and are where your voice shines through the most.

  4. Emily B

    Never woulda thought I’d be an evangelist for such a product, but this one seems to do that to its “followers:” I love the Diva Cup. Yeah, the concept sounds strange and maybe even gross, but it’s one of my personal care item switches I’ve been happiest about. So much better than tampons, less expensive in the long run, no waste to the landfill, and I honestly prefer the process of using it to tampons. Also, bonus: less dryness in that zone because it’s not absorbent. I’ve found that it’s helped me be more comfortable with my body (I used applicator tampons before) and understand my cycle and monthly better. Probably not for everyone, but whenever I read about the near-riots over missing OB on the shelves it just makes me want to share/overshare FWIW.

    • Yes! I love love love my Diva cup and cloth pads.

      (Um, hi. A friend recommended this blog to me a few weeks back, and I’ve been reading the whole backlog since then. Eventually I will catch up, and so far I have resisted the urge to comment on old posts…but this one I felt the need to chime in, since someone else brought up the subject of reusable menstrual products.)

      • Hi Kristen! I love when readers go through the archives and comment on oldie-but-goodie posts — so much fun for me to revisit them too! And I’m hearing such great things about the Diva cup… I really may have to give it a whirl soon.

  5. anne

    I’m going to go completely off the subject here but one of the comments above sparked a thought that I had to comment about.
    DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS!!! Why is it when we find a product that we LOVE and use for years that a company decides to pull it and bring in a “new and improved” version of said product??? I’ve used Clinique clarifying coverage for what, like 15 years, and they shelved it last summer. They advised me to try a few of their other products that they promised would give me the same results. Never gonna happen. I’ve been able to get a few on Amazon but I’m paying almost double. I’ll continue to order through them unless Clinique gets enough complaints and brings it back.

  6. Here’s a sad story for your next Pretty Price Check

    “Claudia Aderotimi, 20, died early Tuesday, shortly after receiving buttocks enhancements in a hotel room near Philadelphia International Airport, according to police. The procedure allegedly cost $1,800.” From

  7. Liz Phelps

    I really enjoyed Beauty U posts–I keep hoping that more will pop up. Beauty Overheard are my favorites–everything from personal stories (or did this have a different tag heading?) and commentary on current events. I love your personal musings about fashion and beauty, interesting and leaves me thinking. Thanks for blogging!–I so enjoy your writings.

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