[Never Say Diet] Big News!

Never Say Diet

So you guys have probably been noticing how I’ve been guest posting over on the awesome Never Say Diet a lot, hmm? And even added a little tab up top so you can see all of the Never Say Diet post topics in one place?

Well, big news, blog fans!

After a few weeks of casual dating, we’ve made it official: I am the new Body Image Expert for iVillage.com and Never Say Diet blogger. You can check the whole blog out by clicking here, and then clicking on the blue Never Say Diet box in the lower left-hand corner (exactly like the one you see up top here).

I’m pretty psyched, because the iVillage peeps are rad, and after all, what’s more awesome than writing one blog about the price we pay for pretty? Writing two blogs about the price we pay for pretty. Of course.

Yes, two blogs: Beauty Schooled isn’t going anyplace. We’ve worked out a lovely joint custody arrangement, where I’ll be giving you fresh new Beauty Schooled awesomeness every Monday and Friday, then Never Saying Diet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Remember that poll I asked you guys to take a few weeks ago? It was so I could make sure that the two-ish posts per week will focus on exactly what you want to read. So expect regular talk about the stuff you want most: beauty labor, the Pretty Price Check, and maybe even a brand new behind-the-scenes adventure — I’m brainstorming that one as we speak.

And you’ll still hear from me on Never Say Diet days, keeping you in the loop about what I’m talking about over there — because I have a feeling it’s going to be right up your alley. Like today, for instance, where I’m discussing the 6.5 inch heels worn by many an A-Lister on the Oscars red carpet Sunday.

Longtime blog readers know I have a lot of feelings about high heels. So do check out the latest over there.

Questions? Comments? xo



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7 responses to “[Never Say Diet] Big News!

  1. Congratulati0ns!!!! This is fantastic and I’m so happy for you!

  2. Yay, Virginia! What wonderful news. I look forward to reading your posts on iVillage. And I’m glad that Beauty Schooled isn’t disappearing.

  3. YAY! Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your posts as Body Image Expert 🙂


    Congratulations!!! I am going to add Never say Diet to my RSS reader. I keep seeing commercials for this and then this morning realized Yoplait was serious. Check out this craziness: http://www.yoplait.com/living-healthy/diet-and-lifestyle

    If i ate that way, i’d shrivel up and die.

    • Thanks Candace! And OMG, thanks for the Yoplait tip-off — Off to investigate this craziness! There is clearly a trend going on of packaged food companies coming up with their own “diets” that are really code for “buy lots of our packaged foods, and oh yeah, starve yourself.” Not. Amused.

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