[Never Say Diet] The Diet Hall of Shame

Today I’m kicking off The Diet Hall of Shame, which is going to be a regular feature over on Never Say Diet.

If you think too hard about it, that’s pretty depressing, because yes, there really are enough crazy, silly and downright dangerous fad diets out there that I could probably write one of these every other day. Sigh. But at least we’ll be doing our part to cut through the hype and break down exactly why any given crazy diet trend is so bad for your health.

(Note to any ED/recovered ED readers: If you find reading about health-endangering diet strategies to be triggering, you should definitely skip these posts.)

Today’s inaugural DHS post: Why eating 500 calories per day and injecting yourself with fertility hormones is a really bad idea.

PS. If you’ve been hearing about any particular horrific diet trend that you think needs debunking, I do hope you’ll comment over there or here, or email me tips: beautyschooledproject [at] gmail [dot] com. I always love hearing from you guys!


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