[Never Say Diet] Say Cheesy!

Because today on Never Say Diet, we’re talking about the new Panasonic camera that lets you Photoshop yourself. As in, whiten teeth, clear skin, “lift up” saggy jaws and paint on foundation, lip color, blush and eye shadow. Yes really. Didn’t you know it’s a Barbie world? We’re just living in it. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

And PS. I’ve been noticing something funky going on with the Never Say Diet comment section (that would be the “Chime in!” box). If you’re burning to weigh in but experiencing technical difficulties, do let me know and we’ll get it fixed post haste.



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3 responses to “[Never Say Diet] Say Cheesy!

  1. Elise

    I can’t seem to find the comment section over at iVillage, derp. But I so have to chime in on this one! This is something my GF’s and I have been discussing at great length lately – why we are so critical of ourselves in photos. If I may summarize my point, made over the course of an entire workday, so bear with me: think of a few women who are considered the “classic” beauties of the 20th century (roughly the era of readily-accessible photography). Audrey, Marilyn, Josephine Baker, Jackie O. These very beautiful women, or their ‘handlers’ perhaps, tightly controlled their public images. There are so few red-eyed, greasy, double-chinned photos of these women, they may as well not exist. I know that these women were so much more than beautiful faces in a magazine; they all left behind lasting legacies. But if I’m to be remembered only through pictures, I’m going to be sure that shot I’m tagged in is clear-eyed, smooth-skinned, and – even if it means deleting and re-shooting – no darn double chin.

  2. I just tried to leave a comment at iVillage, and found that there was no “submit” button This happened once before, but I was able to reload the page and then submit. This time, I couldn’t do that. Not sure what to make of it, but thought I’d let you know.
    And regarding the camera, I find it scary. Because, as you point out, a large part of our history and character is erased if we insist upon perfection when it really doesn’t exist. It’s just another way that we try to hijack reality and live in a fairy tale.

  3. Gah! Thanks for weighing in on the funky commenting stuff over there, ladies. I’ve reported it to the iVillage PTB!

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