Pretty Price Check (03.11.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

It was International Women’s Day on Tuesday. Whoops! I’m a bad (yet fashionable, see below) feminist for forgetting to blog about it. Especially because, this was also a really crappy week for women everywhere. Do not get me started on the New York Times‘ stunning mistreatment of that horrific gang-rape case in Texas. There are no words. But there is a petition you can sign.

On a more uplifting note, here’s a link to the current issue of USAID’s FrontLines (pictured above) which is celebrating International Women’s Day with tons of incredible stories about amazing women around the world.

And here’s your Price Check.

  • 63 percent of men regularly trim their ears, nose and eyebrows. Now known as “guybrows.” Because God forbid we imply that men and women have any of the same body parts. Or that grooming your eyebrow hair is girly.
  • 69 percent of men regularly trim their groins. Because you asked. (Both via a Remington consumer survey cited in this New York Times story.)
  • $40,000: What some super fan paid for a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair at a charity auction. I know this because the American Hair Loss Association wasted no time sending me a press release based on that point, and offering me a sample of their hair growth fiber product. To which I say: If it didn’t come from the Bieb’s head, what on earth would I do with it?
  • Speaking of 40,000, that’s how many researchers and clinicians have come together in the journal Science to lobby for better safety regulation of the American chemical industry. This is officially not a fringe conspiracy theory thing, people. (Via No More Dirty Looks.)

PS. Dana, I am super excited for your new “Change Your Thoughts, Not Your Thighs” series over on The Body and The Brood!






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3 responses to “Pretty Price Check (03.11.11)

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  2. Hey, thanks for the link!

    Also, “guybrows”? Since when were theirs different than ours? I hate all of that. See also: murse, mandal, manscaping. I find “man cave” amusing enough that I’ll give it a pass on humor alone.

  3. Thanks for the link love, Virginia!

    Now, I hate to be all judgmental, but if you’re able to spend $40,000 for a lock of Bieber’s hair, you have just too much money on your hands. Maybe it was a charity donation????

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